Free voters demand market hall …

Post photo: Reim-Areal | © Heinrich Kümmerle

... for years at the "Reim-Areal". In this respect, we are happy to support the media-friendly proposal of another parliamentary group. A market hall with fresh regional products has been demanded by various factions in the Heilbronn municipal council for 20 years. The last time we Free Voters applied for the development of the "Reim-Areal" and the construction of a market hall was on September 9, 2019.

Unfortunately - and these are the facts - all efforts have so far failed due to the availability of the entire area and a suitable operator. Clever ideas have existed and have existed for many years. People who know how to do it too — only the people who then put it into practice — are simply missing.

Strong ideas are of no use there, no matter how media-friendly they are. We Free Voters are sticking to the topic and hope that the (remaining) property owners of the "Reim-Areal" will at some point show some understanding and bring their area for urban development (with a market hall) into the concept. Until then, a market hall will be on the agenda and will remain a local political wish.

I am happy to answer any questions: