• 4.6.02023
    The Magic Flute | jacuzzi | game night
  • 3.6.02023
    rip off | Riddles | business idea
  • democracy model
    A four-day week invites citizens to deal with politics one day a week.
  • 31.5.02023
    Censorship | It crumbles | license plates
  • Culture War – The battle over how Americans think and feel
    I dare to predict that Donald Trump, not Ron DeSantis, will be in the running for the Republican nomination.
  • 30.5.02023
    growth | An attempt | People
  • Laguna Beach
    Laguna Beach has a population of around 25 but more than 000 million visitors a year.
  • 27.5.02023
    running | ePaper | coincidences
  • 25.5.02023
    Towel Day | cinema | summer zones

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  1. Then a gin and tonic!

  2. Dear Herr Herzog, Thank you for your comment. Regarding your comment: I don't know now that I have one of your...

  3. Regarding CENSORSHIP: If you read what the European governments (D, F, NL, B, etc.) are posting on Twitter / Facebook etc....