• 8.8.02022
    Zettelkasten | Mitarbeiter gesucht | Ausmisten
  • 5.8.02022
    Hertenstein Talks | Wollhaus Bridge
  • 4.8.02022
    Personal exchange | New Mosque Construction | Children in Heilbronn

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If you browse through the posts, you will surely find one or the other spelling mistake. I am very happy to receive relevant information.

Fritz Singer (1841-1910) already put this problem into a poem decades ago and at the same time combined it with another mystery.

heavy things

And did you also study by day and
at night,

and you have it for a scholar too

two things you never grasp and

The women and the German

"Being a genius certainly has its advantages."

Wile E. Coyote in Operation: Rabbit (1952)