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city ​​cleaning

And the municipal council has also dealt with this — for a whole 40 minutes, you can read. Joachim Friedl cited in this regard Dieter Klenk, the head of the city cleaning department: "Heilbronn is not a dirty city.“What else should Dieter say about this?

In any case, the explanations of Dieter Klenk insightful. The municipal council should now draw the appropriate conclusions from this, otherwise these 40 minutes would be wasted again.

For the mayor of Heilbronn Wilfried Hajek, one of the main culprits of this misery, it is already clear that higher fines “do no good”. That's true insofar as one consistently refuses to carry out proper checks and also refrains from punishing identified offenses and criminal offenses, then even the highest fines don't change anything.

I like to repeat myself here, we urgently need more and, above all, effective controls. In addition, a judiciary that goes along with it and does not stylize every perpetrator as a victim. And we need how Dieter Klenk it was suggested, above all, more cleaning staff - here you could definitely scour the town hall - a meaningful activity has never hurt anyone.

By the way, a clean city is environmental protection in practice!

Climate Change & State

What do man-made climate change and a European federal state have in common? Both are the biggest problems facing humanity, the latter perhaps only for the Western world. We absolutely have to mitigate climate change - it's no longer possible to prevent it - and create a federal state if we want to have any chance of survival! We have all known both facts for a very, very long time, but almost no one is actually willing to do anything to improve the situation even a little.

Both the experts and climate protectors and we European federalists are talking against walls! And also the very last warning signs, such as B. the mass murder of the Ukrainian population, leave us all cold — we prefer to argue about cheap gas and holiday flights.

But what am I writing? Each of you is fully aware of this! We - my readers and I - can neither stop climate change nor create a European federal state, but we can try to the last to convince our fellow citizens of these necessities. And as before Walter Hallstein so aptly remarked, "Anyone who does not believe in miracles in European affairs is not a realist!"

That's why a few tireless federalists in Heilbronn continue to campaign for a better world, for world peace and for an ever-increasing unity of all European peoples, as well as for more environmental protection - but nobody else does it except us!


If you read the Heilbronner Voice today, whether only online or also the daily edition (29.06.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX) with the enclosed city newspaper, you very quickly realize that there is actually some movement in the Heilbronn municipal council. On the one hand, a few factions now want to change what has been planned for years new mosque building sometimes "negotiate" with those affected, other factions do not consider this necessary, and one fundamentally refuses to talk to "foreigners".

On the other hand, a city councillor, a defector from his former Free Voters faction, announces that there will be more to do after the summer break this bizarre action will be heard; but so far only a few weeks into the country. fact is that Herbert Burkhardt and Eugene Gall continues to represent the Free Voters in the Heilbronn municipal council, just as many other Free Voters have done since 1958 (see forum post by Herbert Burkhardt). And so we all have to be patient a little longer to finally find out what the two renegade councilors are now planning to do with their mandate. Let's let ourselves be surprised.

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