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Once you think you've seen it all, life shows you that there's absolutely nothing that doesn't exist! And so I was able to experience a very special kind of experience tonight and I was sitting in the front row. And all for the price of three black teas, what more could you ask for?

But from the beginning. I had already reported that I was looking forward to today's general meeting, and looking back I was a little surprised that it wasn't the usual monthly meeting. However, I assumed that this had to do with the most recent survey of the independent voters' associations in Baden-Württemberg, whether they would continue to remain independent or whether they would rather take the step in the direction of the party. Everything had already been clarified for Heilbronn, and so I thought that there was information about the state of affairs in Baden-Württemberg; this was also part of the agenda — so for me it was a very relaxed evening that I was able to experience as a normal member.

I arrived just before the meeting started and was happy to see many other Free Voters, especially since I hadn't seen one or the other for a while due to COVID-19. Then I was positively surprised that the usual secretary was not present, but that a city councilor and lawyer took over the writing; signs and wonders still happen.

The Heilbronn chairman Christian Roth welcomed all present, the quorum was established and the meeting proceeded as usual. I put it down to the harmony in our association that there was no discussion after the reports and that this was also not planned. And so it didn't surprise me that both the board and the treasurer were unanimously approved for 2020 and then also for 2021.

I treated myself to my second tea for item 5 on the agenda: Outlook – the strategy process of the Freie Wahler Landesverband BW. Christian Roth spoke again about the course of events so far and the decisions that had been made, after which he answered relevant questions from the members.

I looked at the clock and was already looking forward to getting home a little earlier than today Christian Roth picked up a sheet of paper and announced his immediate resignation as club chairman. I didn't expect that and didn't see it coming!

After that, the cashier who was sitting next to me also picked up a paper and left his immediate resignation. Both refused to give the members an account of their decision, and when I asked Christian directly as a member and he wanted to answer, he was called back by board members. Shortly thereafter he left with councilwoman Marion Rathgeber-Roth, the treasurer, the city council Malte Hoch and another board member left the meeting without a word. When other members and I tried to get at least a little information from the remaining board members, they also left the meeting with the statement that "they don't want to spoil the evening", leaving all the club members still present in the lurch! I had never seen so much cowardice in one place, let alone experienced it myself!

Only the parliamentary group leader of the Free Voters, Herbert Burkhardt, stayed in the room with the rest of us members and tried to answer questions. He stated that there had been problems in the parliamentary group as well as in the executive committee, but that he was also completely surprised by this action.

I am still appalled by so much cowardice and indecency towards us ordinary members and not only express my displeasure to the entire remaining board, but also withdraw my trust from these ladies and gentlemen. And I urgently recommend that the city councilors who have run away resign their office, because how could they still want to work for us Heilbronners if they so indecently and completely insidiously abandon their own members!

The remaining board members should convene an extraordinary general meeting as soon as possible, where the members must be informed and a discussion must take place. After that, a general meeting with new elections should be convened.

After a third tea, which was supposed to wash away the aftertaste of this malicious enactment, I also left the meeting because I just couldn't take it anymore.

"COWARD, n. One who in a perilous emergency thinks with his legs."

Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary (1911)
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