Post photo: City Hall Heilbronn | © Shutterstock


Post photo: City Hall Heilbronn | © Shutterstock

European regular's table

The digital European regulars' table has now developed into a good information exchange that not only deals with current European, but also local and club topics. So anyone who wants to can get information very quickly. And the topics are constantly changing. Today the focus was on wine, although younger participants explained to me that Lemberger was more for older connoisseurs; I can only be right, then there is more left for me.

urban settlement

It's good that we have an urban settlement, and 4 apartments is quite a lot. It is also understandable that the urban settlement also likes to create showpieces or add profitable buildings to its portfolio.

But if you then look at the apartments, for example in the Sontheimer Landwehr, you get a completely different idea of ​​social housing. I am a renter myself and, for professional reasons, have lived in the most wondrous areas and also in apartment blocks, but I would never want to have to rent in these urban housing estates.

Therefore, those responsible for urban settlements should think about where their own priorities lie. I would prefer to fix broken mailboxes, doorways, lighting, walkways to the buildings, storage areas, etc. — I dare not even imagine what it looks like inside the buildings themselves — rather than thinking about other prestige projects for very special tenants.

wool house

The Wollhaus is of strategic importance for the city of Heilbronn, because future construction or mere renovation will shape the cityscape and further urban development for decades to come.

The city should therefore definitely secure access to this area, which is very prominent for the city (eg the old city baths). After that you can really take your time to further develop the city at the southern end of the core city, as it is necessary for a big city.

This would include a central bus station with a tram connection and, for example, with a large event hall. Also, one should not give in too quickly to the pressure of Heilbronn retailers who see no need for additional retail space. Here you have to remain flexible and give investors a chance who are striving to come to Heilbronn with innovative concepts or who, as well-known dealers, do not yet have a foothold in Heilbronn.

Building the whole thing up again and only striving for what appears to be feasible is already part of the process Barthel area wrong and would be catastrophic at Wollhaus.

site of the day

City settlement Heilbronn

"Since April 26, 1856, the urban settlement has shaped the face of Heilbronn. It was unique in Germany at the time that it was an entrepreneur who put this far-sighted idea into practice for the benefit of his factory workers with a sense of responsibility and social judgment."

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