Federal Transport Route Plan 2030/ Frankenbahn

Feature photo: Slide on the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030 | © BMVI

Bringing climate protection and mobility to a common denominator is one of the core tasks of the coming federal government. For us Free Democrats, modern mobility is a crucial aspect for the future of the Heilbronn region. For this reason, we urgently need a broad-based mobility concept and more lived togetherness in the field of mobility between the three districts of Heilbronn, Heilbronn and Hohenlohekreis. 

As a member of the Bundestag in Heilbronn and a committed public transport user, I am committed to ensuring that we finally have a long-distance connection for Heilbronn’s main train station by 2025. After the Bundestag elections, it is therefore high time to change the current "Federal Transport Routes Plan 2030" so that the continuous two-track upgrading of the Frankenbahn there in the highest category. This would give Heilbronn a realistic chance of less delay-prone regional traffic and a permanent long-distance connection to Deutsche Bahn with modern double-decker ICs every two hours on the Stuttgart-Heilbronn-Würzburg route.

In addition, I would like to improve public transport in the Heilbronn region, advance the rapid expansion of the A6 towards Bavaria, push for a motorway connection to the Böllinger Höfe and advocate for the expansion of the Neckar locks and thus for a significantly greater use of rail and Neckar. There is so much potential in the area of ​​mobility in the Heilbronn region that we Free Democrats will use with your support in the federal elections on September 26, 2021!