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Who says that election campaigns can't be fun, at least the US election campaign has some real treasures - it's doubtful whether you could advertise in such a nice way here too.

In any case, European politicians continue to make pilgrimages Donald Trump and let him roll out the red carpet for you. Just a few days ago Donald Trump the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban invited to his Mar-a-Lago residence in the US state of Florida.

Now I'm excited to see when these nutritional supplements will come into circulation here. But even more, whether Hans Müller the second part coming soon his American tragedy published.


Bis Hans Müller Posting his contribution here in the forum, I'm using the time and working on my own election campaign. In contrast to 2019, as club chairman and therefore responsible for 39 other candidates and their election workers. I can't say yet whether this will ultimately be as much fun as simply exercising your right to stand as a candidate.

But at first it involves a lot of work and hassle - if I could make a video, I would have the idea for it now.

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  • Dear Mr. Kummerle,

    Here is the interim decision on the status of the second part: I am in the final phase of the draft. Today, I suspect, Biden and Trump will combine the remaining primary votes to become the candidates of both parties.

    However, I still have to write the draft text in detail. Please be patient a little longer.

    Best Regards
    Hans Müller