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An obviously completely desperate one Emmanuel Macron brings EU ground troops into play in Ukraine, which is what politicians do when their own poll numbers go through the roof.

And before some of our professional politicians join in, I would like to remind them that the motto of the Bundeswehr is: “We can do everything except defense.” Even today (!), German soldiers who are willing to serve are being abused to the fullest and given them a denied adequate training simply due to lack of money, not to mention that they are even allowed to train their own survival skills on a battlefield. As soon as a pilot flies too low for us, the entire profession is dragged before the judge by mobs of mobs. Due to the now traditional shortage of ammunition, our soldiers no longer even have time to fire their own weapons (if they have been assigned one at all) - which saves our mob from further lawsuits against their own armed forces.

Which now brings us to the core of the real problem. A nation, no matter how glorious it may be, like any other country, only has the right to exist if it can defend itself!

In Europe this is only likely to be the case in Switzerland and Finland, although I was very interested to note that the latter recently came under NATO's protective umbrella. And this is also the noble reason why NATO and the EU exist at all, namely the certainty that one state alone can no longer cope with this fundamental task; Hence the logical step towards a European federal state that could only ensure the defense of our people with the help of the USA - this was and is the ultimate insight of the Second World War!

The really bad thing about the recent statement by Emmanuel Macron But it is that he is consciously aware of the way he thinks Vladimir Putin and other criminals: people like to burn up those sections of the population who do not defend themselves or even fall for the big speeches of politicians.

And so now I'm just waiting to see how conscientious objectors and shirkers will discuss in the Bundestag how to burn the soldiers of the Bundeswehr in Ukraine but at the same time to guarantee the most carefree life possible for us Ukrainian and Russian deserters and, ideally, with their families .

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