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Yesterday I interrupted my walk around town again and I'm in this Knife shop Maurer went, not only to look and shop, but also to have a little chat Beate Maurerwho I, as well as her brother Jurgen Maurer already since dance school days.

I admired both of them back then because they could dance so much better than me. And Beate even more because she always took it stoically when I stepped on her toes again, which happened to me very often. Years later I could also see Beate Meeting point Europe welcome, where she could be seen at tap dance performances, among other things.

But that's not the only reason Messer Maurer has become one of my favorite shops in Heilbronn, but firstly because I like the range of goods and secondly the price-performance ratio is always right, but the whole thing and thirdly is complemented by excellent customer service. Therefore, I can only warmly recommend this specialist shop to everyone!

Just an example to clarify. Recently, due to the pandemic, I reactivated my clippers. I had to realize that this was about two decades old and didn't work the way I remembered it. Short and good, Jurgen Maurer got me the spare part I needed without hesitation and since I no longer had the instructions for use, he also gave me instructions on how to use it correctly.

You probably don't have to write more about it. Maybe also that Messer Maurer has been in Heilbronn for 85 years and that this specialist shop is now family-run by the third generation.

As we all know, specialist shops are now suffering not only from increased online trading, but also in particular from the ever-changing conditions imposed by the pandemic.

It is particularly difficult for these specialist shops to fully exploit their clear advantages over online trading and to make it clear to potential customers.

It's always a pleasure when you go to a specialist shop "just to have a look", where the pleasant atmosphere and the friendly staff will certainly "tempt" you to buy a little bit, but you can always be sure that you can buy it Haven’t regretted my purchase even after a few decades — at least that’s how it always feels for me there.

And now I'm thinking about getting our knives, which are now in their third decade, sharpened again. And what better place to do this than at knife mason?

"Ah, human felicity! to have at once so many wants suggested and supplied! Wretched Grecian daughters! miserable Roman matrons! to whom shopping was an unknown pleasure, what did, what could employ them?”

Letitia Elizabeth Landon, Romance and Reality (2011 [1832], Volume I, Chapter 10)

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    • I doubt whether this can really be called a website. “Mein.Heilbronn” has already closed this gap.

      My approach here is a bit different, I write about and recommend shops in Heilbronn that I personally like. But only when I get to it or a special event motivates me. I've been wanting to write something about Elektro-Krauss and Foto-Kiss for a long time, but just can't get around to it.