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Have you thought about running for city council in your hometown? Many fellow citizens believe that you can only do this if you are a member of a relevant party. But this is not the case!

If you don't want to become a party member or get involved in any party, but still want to have a say in local politics, then the Freie Wahler (associations), which exist in all towns and cities, are the right choice.

We free voters are also convinced that parties should not play a role at the local level, because we citizens must take all the challenges into our own hands and the necessary decisions must also be made by the citizens.

If you feel like taking your destiny into your own hands and want to change something for the better in your city, then get in touch with me. The Freie Wahler Heilbronn are still looking for other candidates for the 2024 municipal council election.

And the good thing about it is that you don't have to face this new challenge entirely on your own, because the other free voters, our association in Heilbronn and our association in Baden-Württemberg will support you with our decades of expertise in your candidacy and the associated election campaign .


If you're already running a weblog, then you can't avoid creating a few lists from time to time. I have tried over the years to reduce such lists to the bare essentials. However, lists are still present in this weblog.

And if lists already exist, then you have to keep them as up-to-date as possible. Yesterday's onion roast has now meant that I'm back in the Backstüble, a small pub around the corner my list of the best restaurants in and around Heilbronn have recorded.

It was there before, but after a change of ownership I removed it from the list. The food that was presented there — not just the roast beef with onions — and the nice and very professional service have again led to me including the Backstüble in my hit list again.


The last three days were more than blessed with very good conversations. In addition to a board meeting and two round tables, there were also the virtual meetings that are now also common in so-called civil society, including one with Detlef Stern.

Interestingly, none of the meetings could be imagined without the topic of school, somehow all the participants in the conversation brought up the topic of education in some way or another. To me, this is a sign that this is now generally seen as a problem with us. And even the voice of Heilbronn is taking on this problem more and more. Only the mayor responsible for this is still convinced that everything is going well in Heilbronn - otherwise the person responsible might have to think a little more!

And the topic of housing continues to be a topic of conversation, even if you can admittedly see a great many new and extremely attractive new buildings and renovations in and around Heilbronn — which suggests that the challenge of “affordable housing for everyone” is actually a greater one than at least the responsible administrative staff want to admit today. And even in our municipal council, the topic is not yet as present as it should be, at least in the run-up to the upcoming elections to the municipal council — I already had this a blog post in the course of the last election in 2019 written and, as expected, nothing has changed; another election campaign topic is thus certain and none of the "tried and tested" municipal councils have to familiarize themselves with it again.

Environmental pollution with the resulting climate change is also becoming an increasingly urgent issue and is actually increasingly perceived as an existential threat by younger fellow citizens - but not so much that you can even count on the total of a good 50 billion euros in holiday costs this year, which we in Germany alone accrue, want to do without; the environment has to take a break during your own vacation.

These three issues are likely to play a greater role in the upcoming election campaign, but surprisingly not a current (world) war, human rights or even the threat to our democracy - these are issues that only really interest us citizens as soon as the first neighbors of being shredded by Russian shells.

And so one can confidently attest that similar to love, which is known to go through the stomach, politics only plays a role for us when one's own life, perhaps that of one's own children, but certainly one's own wallet, is in danger .

"Life has become the ideology of its own absence."