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ETH Zurich

When things are going well, there is one piece of good news after another. Detlef Stern gave me another one yesterday Link to the Watson news site sent. And shortly afterwards the Heilbronn Voice reported that “after the TU Munich... also the renowned Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich a branch [opened] in Heilbronn.”

I can already hear our mayor singing “Heilbronn-Zurich-Singapore” soon. This development is once again entirely an attempt by Dieter schwarz, to ensure that the valley of the ignorant does not migrate from the Elbe to the Neckar.

In any case, renowned universities are a good start to being able to establish a real university in Heilbronn in a few years. But if you look at the educational misery in our country, it might not be a bad idea to take a closer look at the University of California and merge all the public universities in Baden-Württemberg into one. Then we might soon also have the University of Baden-Württemberg, Heilbronn Campus.

Because if in Baden-Württemberg alone the existing universities and the universities yet to be created fight for tax money, the smartest professors and possible students, then we all lose - there are simply not enough of them!

Good conversations

Yesterday started with a cup of coffee, which I had with me Detlef Stern enjoyed in a downtown café. The conversations were once again very exciting, and this time we mainly discussed note boxes, CMS, plugins and RSS. Ok, ok, also about a common one Gadget, which we may even report on in a separate blog post.

The reading aloud at the Damm primary school also went smoothly, although I was a bit surprised that the school administration didn't really take note of our year-long commitment - we're probably both just part of the inventory now.

During the meseno physics tutoring in the afternoon, I had some serious thoughts because this time I had caught a boy who was more than interested and very bright. It's just a shame that when parents fail completely and our school system is more than run down, such gems simply can no longer be raised - the failure of the state and society can no longer be compensated for by a few volunteers.

Meanwhile, those responsible for this misery send their own children to private schools subsidized by the state and don't give a damn about the fate of our youth!

That's why I think it would actually be a good thing if we had headhunters for students who would simply buy promising children from their incompetent or unwilling parents and then let them mature to their full potential in private educational institutions - but that's what we do ourselves with a lot of voluntary commitment “Just” lead this boy to secondary school and hope that he will get the hang of things on his own later on in the second or third educational path.

Yesterday's Spiegel article fits in with this:Teacher gap significantly larger than expected“ quite well - we should at least ensure that the culture ministers, including their court, are renamed “stupidizing ministries”, because these “civil servants” do nothing else. “Shortly after the Pisa math debacle, the Conference of Education Ministers did the math again: around 68.000 teachers will be missing from schools by 2035 - almost three times as many as previously forecast by the KMK."

If x children are born in the year and y children enter our country, then x + y school places and corresponding teachers are needed z years later. Things get a little more difficult when you also have to factor in replacements for retiring teachers when needed. You could thicken the whole thing with a reserve of 10% (that would be a kind of project management) and it would then certainly be more than just a needs estimate.

My suggestion for a short-term solution: our “Minister of Culture” sends her court to primary schools. Those who can read, write and count become teachers.


In keeping with this, a long-awaited long-playing record also arrived by postman. “The SOS Band on the Rise” from 1983. The band was founded in 1977, had their first major hit in 1980 with “Take Your Time (Do It Right)” and probably first came to my attention in 1983 with “Just Be Good to Me” to ears.

By the way, the abbreviation SOS stands for Sounds of Success, not that anyone would get the wrong idea. As Mary Davis When he left the band in 1987, this may also have been the unofficial end of the SOS band. Years later she returned to the band and this group is still around today - not only the Rolling Stones live forever.

Bernd Grüner from Munich sent me the above record and, because it's probably almost Christmas, also included an LP by the Commodores - mine Blog post about the 1970s is obviously being read.

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