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From today until December 15, 2023, our Jewish fellow citizens will also celebrate Jewishness in Heilbronn Hanukkah, Hanukkah or Festival of Lights. This festival has existed since 164 BC. BC and therefore a lot longer than all of our Christian holidays.

On the spot the synagogue we destroyed A Hanukkah lamp has been set up since 2009. And this is then regularly damaged, and in 2017 it was almost completely destroyed, so that the city has now installed temporary video surveillance on site - which is only welcome given the current raging Hamas terror.

I hope that this surveillance will work better in the coming days than the video surveillance of our municipal collection points, which has actually motivated our fellow citizens to behave even more piggishly than usual.

For the next eight days, a light will be lit on the candlestick every evening to mark Hanukkah. It would probably be better if police forces were kept on standby on site in order to prevent riots in advance.


According to an article today in the Heilbronner Stimme (December 8.12.2023, 26: XNUMX), the Lauffen local council now also has a button Reactivation of the Zabergäubahn made; Well, the CDU still reserves the right to oppose it later. Let's just accept this as just chatter, something like the Radhaus in Heilbronn, and rather be happy that the local politicians of all the affected communities and also the district have now approved the project. Nordheim's approval is still pending, but since the municipality will not be one of the payers, a positive decision can be expected here too.

This means that the political decision on the Zabergäubahn will be made at the end of 2023. Now we can all see together how long it will take until the first light rail line runs from Lauffen (maybe even from Heilbronn) to Zaberfeld (maybe even to Leonbronn). The onward journey to Bretten will probably remain just a dream. There would be a light rail system that would give Heilbronn people that Melanchthon House better developed, definitely desirable.

A small side note: since its closure in the 1990s, there have been efforts to reactivate this approximately 20 kilometer railway line. We are currently seeing how long something like this can take at Stuttgart 21.

Europe ball

Yesterday we took another step towards that Europa Ball 2024 make. The partner associations of the EUROPA-UNION have submitted their program contributions, including performances that I was only recently able to admire myself. This means that the supporting program should also be dry by the end of the year.

And because things are going well at the moment, there is still Klaus Brenner agreed to offer his legendary crash course in dancing at the Europa Ball; this will take place on four Sundays in Weinsberg from March 2024.

I can only warmly recommend this course to any dance-loving reader, especially if all attempts to get your partner to dance have failed. I am very confident that after this crash course and a wonderful ball evening in harmony, dancing will become a shared endeavor.

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