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The more you learn and understand, the less you know. You have to be able to endure this conflict if you strive for knowledge or even enlightenment.

Unfortunately, fewer and fewer people want this and are therefore increasingly striving for the ideal world of absolute certainties and firm convictions. And there are enough like-minded people who adopt this and still look for their own advantage.

If there's one thing I've learned in my life, it's that you have to be very careful when something is obvious, crystal clear and completely understandable. One has to be even more careful once these certainties have developed into a majority opinion, if not a majority conviction.

That is why it is democratic custom that every majority has to take care of the opinion of the minority and that in the end compromises are on the agenda - with one exception: lazy compromises.

Life is conflict, complete harmony is death.


Heilbronn has been an unsafe place for pedestrians for a while now, and so over the last few years my better half and I have gotten used to the fact that pedestrians are not allowed to move through the streets completely carefree. Even when window shopping in the middle of the pedestrian zone, you always have to be careful not to get hit by any vehicles.

Yesterday we were very lucky, because first the automatic emergency braking of an SUV ensured that I didn't fall under the wheels in the middle of the zebra crossing on Cäcilienbrunnenstrasse, and later my better half and I were able to get back up by successfully jumping from the zebra crossing Saving the sidewalk on Wollhausstrasse from two “racing cars”, whereby the second one actually accelerated, probably just to keep up with the first one, and probably not to catch us. Both speeders continued their sprint to Oststrasse - I suspect that this was a kind of memorial race for a like-minded person who is currently having to answer in court.

The only thing worse than the pedestrians are the lizards in the new lizard sanctuary in the east of Heilbronn, because they like to be run over on the footpath next to it. Some people even seem to enjoy cycling a bit - because, unlike hitting pedestrians, this action is not viewed negatively and you don't have to shed crocodile tears in custody later.

Zebra crossings wouldn't help the lizards either; only people who show a little more consideration for others and their environment can do that.


Yesterday I was in harmony with my better half to have the first conversations for the coming Europa Ball on Saturday, April 13, 2024 respectively. There we met two young men who not only presented us with an initial concept, but also impressed us with their expertise, commitment and customer focus in the subsequent conversation.

And so it's great fun, especially as a volunteer, to plan and organize such an event. I am looking forward to the following meeting and would like to take the liberty of praising the Harmonie team. In any case, as of today I'm no longer worried about whether the European ball will be in harmony this time or not.


A reader today said that the term "my better half" was a scary statement. I still think this term is perfectly acceptable today, and the best wife of all has never complained about it to this day. Although I find the more well-known term “best wife of all” to be a bit too strong and that is probably why I chose the term that is common here in the blog.

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