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We Are All Part of Europe!

Tomorrow I start with the layout of my new book. Translators and proofreaders have done their job, now the whole thing has to be put into shape and the last inconsistencies eliminated.

I'm curious how long it will take me to do this. You can already get a first impression of the book at the website for the book do. And as soon as the book is available for purchase, I hope that a European federalist will also write a review of it in the Federalist Debate.

note box

Detlef Stern just doesn't give up and builds his note store further and further out. In the meantime, this has reached a level of complexity that is again a bit too much for me — you can of course ignore one or the other “feature” or don’t have to integrate potential “add-ons” at all.

I use the regular information about the latest development status of the Zettelstore to once again make a manual backup of my note box to do — solely because my hardware is getting on so slowly and it is foreseeable that it will suddenly and quite unexpectedly say goodbye.

The Thomas Michlwho is constantly looking for functioning and easy-to-use “Zetteldingen”, I can warmly recommend the Zettelstore. The only thing is, you still have to establish a "workaround" for mobile use, and that with the PDF (a pure "convenience issue") will probably be a while yet.


After a short stroll through town, I found them Federalist Debate in the mailbox. So the day could actually only be used for reading. A first look promises very interesting reading and so the magazine is now on my stack of books, the books that are still to be read.

In the previous magazine I had written there about the Foundations of European federalism written and so I look forward to more articles and book reviews about the history of federalism in this issue.

In addition, it is very gratifying how many contemporaries are still concerned with the content of federalism and still see it as the solution to most social problems and challenges.

site of the day

note store

"Zettelstore is a software that collects and relates your notes ("zettel") to represent and enhance your knowledge."

incidence of the day

The city of Heilbronn is again at the top of the state with an incidence of 143,1. Our administration just can't get anything done. That's why we can be happy that Heilbronn is still spared from floods, earthquakes or the like.

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