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The news from home continues to trickle along, but I have to ask myself whether this information is sufficient for me to be able to fill the monthly newsletter with sufficient content.

Our exhibition on the European competition, which was on view in the Heilbronn City Library for almost the entire month of May, was dismantled by a team of volunteers and temporarily stored in Untergruppenbach. And the upcoming European regulars' table is already booked and will certainly gather many people interested in Europe again.

Unfortunately, the free voters in Heilbronn are making me more and more worried and I can only hope that Herbert Burkhardt, Eugene Gall and Heiner Dorner get the cow back off the ice.

During my daily walks in my current neighborhood, I'm currently discovering a lot of new things, some of which I can't make sense of at all; except maybe that I should take it as a hint not to really want to understand everything.

Social media

The more relaxed I am as I stroll through the social media I still use, the more I realize that these are actually nothing more than the old classified ads in local newspapers of any kind.

And I use it LinkedIn only as an address book if I want to get in touch with an acquaintance and open Twitter have I muted so many users by now that I have to ask myself why am I even still checking in there?

But since I still think the original idea of ​​the tweets is good, I (again) created my own page where I post my and also "stolen" tweets; Consequently, you can now find them under “Tweets” [And I stopped doing this again in August 2022].

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