Europe at the crossroads?

If “Europe” is a topic in Heilbronn, then I have to draw attention to it — because we rarely think about it, let alone take note of its positive effects on our city and its citizens.

In fact, for a few years everything to do with Europe has been neglected; the Europe Square can serve as an example and even the European flags that are common in Germany are not used here in Heilbronn.

So it is a great pleasure for me to be part of a series of events House of Literature to draw attention to:

“The Literaturhaus Heilbronn and the Kreissparkasse are presenting four evenings on the subject of 'Europe at the crossroads?' with top-class guests from science and literature. What decisions are pending? How should Europe be told? Is Europe an aging utopia? What wounds and scars are there along the borders? How does Russia feel about Europe and its institutions? We will discuss these and other exciting questions over four extraordinary evenings.”

Heilbronn House of Literature, opportunities and risks of the European Union

The four events are:

November 22, 2021 — Aleida Assman: Telling others about Europe.

November 29, 2021 — Hans-Ulrich Gumbrecht: Europe? Thoughts on an aging utopia.

January 20, 2022 — Navid Kermani: Along the borders.

February 14, 2022 — Karl Schloegel: Fall of the Occident? Europe seen from Russia.

Additional information can be found on the Literaturhaus website.


Suddenly, the Heilbronn Nazis (neo-fascists with very strong tendencies to anti-Semitism and racism), especially those who sit on the municipal council, are starting to move. Rows of their entries, including such things as calls for murder, slander, canonization of old Nazis (Schlageter) and many other atrocities in the social media are deleted, or their entire internet presence even disappears.

What does this mean? Will our democratic factions in the Heilbronn municipal council soon be reinforced with flawless democrats? Or will a new Heilbronn honorary citizen be proclaimed soon?

To justify this unsightly development solely with senility would have jumped too short.

2G for everyone

Today the warning level in Baden-Württemberg is taking effect for the first time and in Heilbronn the incidences are once again among the highest in Germany. So it doesn't have to be surprising if the first people think about antisocial vaccine refusers to entice them to get vaccinated with bonuses.

In my opinion, a declaration of bankruptcy for our welfare state!

At least now the following applies - at least on paper and temporarily: anyone who has not been vaccinated or has not recovered must present a negative PCR test for access to large parts of public life, the costs of which must be borne privately.

So I'm glad that Mark Schieritz on Time online writes:

“Those who do not vaccinate themselves endanger themselves – and others. To prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed, we therefore need a lockdown for the unvaccinated.”

Mark Schieritz

It is tragic that we are dependent on such self-defense reactions in order to get out of a pandemic reasonably well.

I only fear that even such self-defense measures - at least in Heilbronn - will not work because those responsible refuse to monitor them or sanction recognized violations out of laziness or even with full intention.

In addition, there are now many fraudsters who earn good money with fake evidence and thus accept that people die.