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Now that two parties are hanging out of the window before the election in September and not only want to free the northern inner city a bit from car traffic — because the trucks and other vehicles still have to deliver — but also temporarily turn the avenue into a cultural mile ( Eating & Drinking), I'm curious to see what else will be discussed from October onwards.


From time to time it is good for everyone to unsubscribe from everyday life and just let your feet dangle. I cooled mine briefly in Lake Constance — contrary to the weather forecast, in the best weather.

And so that I wouldn't be tempted either, there wasn't any decent internet nearby either, so the computer stayed where I was and I replaced it with a good book.


No matter where you look, at a lake or just at a fountain, the fountains installed there delight young and old.

Heilbronn has probably done a little bit with installing one Fountain in the Neckar accepted. I have often speculated about the reasons for this. It's just a pity that Heilbronn still doesn't manage to get this water feature switched on at least from time to time, for example every hour on the hour.

incidence value of the day

This can now be read again at the Heilbronner Voice; today it is: 117,7!

And since our city administration doesn't get anything baked at all regarding COVID-19, we'll be back at the Bundeswehr begged for help.

Perhaps this is precisely how militarism arose, in which the military, whether it wanted to or not, had to support more and more administrations that were completely overwhelmed. And at the end of the day the citizen turned to a sergeant if he ever needed official support.

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