In the best weather, a wonderful walk through the city center and along the Neckar completed. The stone deserts recently laid out by the city administration caught my eye; two Sample images are here  to be found on Twitter. One could almost believe that the person responsible for this recently inherited a gravel pit.

Environmental protection & city fountain

But then the conversation with a good friend, whom we happened to meet near our city fountain, was very interesting. As always, he was well informed and was able to explain the real reasons for their inactivity. I'll use that right away my related blog post to complete.


On May 4, 2021, other citizens noticed it too, and the voice reported. According to the court reporter, this is not stone, crushed stone or gravel, but "organic fertilizer" that only has gravel-like structures and is good for nature, people, the environment and the city budget.

The miracle of Heilbronn happens as soon as a nature-conscious fellow citizen takes the "organic fertilizer" with him with the best of intentions to improve his own garden. Then it is - oh wonder - gravel or crushed stone again.

Oh yes, the city fountain is splashing again — no wine is being served nearby either.