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The small and mostly completely unnecessary technical gimmicks have always appealed to me. I like to think e.g. For example, I think back to the key finder from the 1980s, which I absolutely had to have at the time but actually didn’t need.

And even nowadays I can hardly resist when a new gadget, as things are called these days, is introduced. Most of these gimmicks are completely uninteresting and already forgotten after a few weeks at the latest. Sometimes, however, such a gadget is remembered again, especially when it resurfaces after a few decades and is marketed as the "latest discovery" - the AirTag can probably be classified in this category.

Rarely do I use such gadgets over a long period of time, most of which are simply thrown away during one of my regular clean-ups.

And since I'm just sorting my office, where most of my gadgets end up at some point, I've now decided to give those an entry in my forum who, contrary to original expectations, do and sometimes even later serve their purpose for years. The first gadgets can now be found here.


Boris Johnson had to go because he banned parties in Britain, but staggered from one party to the next himself. Here in Germany, everyone who traveled by plane while on vacation or even for professional reasons has become acquainted with the federal German mask requirement. I was recently allowed to wear my mask for a good 12 hours, although we were all allowed to take it off briefly while eating and drinking.

Yesterday we found out via ZDF - until this ÖRR part had to take its report off the internet again - and then later also via other media, which are probably not subject to such strict state controls, that the federal German mask requirement on airplanes does not apply to professional German politicians has validity. Admittedly, this is not one with the orgies Heinz-Christian Strache or a Boris Johnson compared, but the underlying principle is the same, namely that these ladies and gentlemen see themselves as something better and above the law.

Therefore, I am very pleased to receive a comment on this from Jurgen Paul to be read in the Heilbronner part (24.08.2022/2/XNUMX: XNUMX).

“The vast majority of citizens who have obediently adhered to the obligation to wear masks on buses, trains and planes for what feels like an eternity will hardly understand that other rules apply to members of the government. Scholz and Habeck thus confirm the widespread – and often wrong – prejudice that those up there do what they want anyway.”

Jurgen Paul, Voice of Heilbronn (24.08.2022/2/XNUMX: XNUMX)

Everyday life

Everyday life has you back faster than you would like. I was able to experience this again yesterday while trying to get participants for the upcoming events of two different clubs.

Nowadays it is much more difficult to attract participants to events than to plan, prepare and hold them. And so I have z. B. still three days to get more passengers to Eppingen on Saturday and a few more days to for the 6. Hertenstein Talks find enough participants.

That's why I have another Facebook page this time for them EUROPA-UNION Heilbronn activated, in order to be able to gain further interested parties and possibly also discussants. The funny thing about such undertakings is that they are usually only noticed if you don't do them, but there are no reactions as soon as you make the effort again.

had in between Herbert Burkhardt and I have a good conversation with a new prospect for the Freie Wahler - Freie Wahlervereinigung Heilbronn e. V. and so I am already reconciled with yesterday.

That's why I'm not commenting on the fact that the city administration is already back with the recently established Dixie toilet has been dismantled.