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Signs & Wonders

Today, on my walk through the city, I found the first indication that miracles might still happen in Heilbronn. Has my year-long bitching about insufficient or missing public toilets, don't even dare to speak of systems, but still worth it?

In any case, a few city officials now seem to have realized that we ordinary people need to go to the bathroom from time to time, especially when we are younger and then again when we are older. And especially when the city of Heilbronn constantly encourages us to eat and drink in the city center and a few restaurants, pubs and pubs really tempt us to do so.

So it's a real pleasure to discover the first dixi toilet on Kiliansplatz today! Of course, as a city administration, you could also develop a corresponding hygiene concept for the city and establish beautiful and contemporary toilets (facilities) at least in the entire extended city center.

Actually an absolute necessity and certainly an excellent advertisement for our city!

First toilet on Kiliansplatz


Inspired by Thomas Heiligenmann I've started to freshen up my galleries on this weblog. And while I'm at it, I'll create two new galleries, one gallery - inspired by a news channel - shows my excitement of the day without commenting on it, and another photo that I personally just really like .

When things are going optimally, the first gallery will just sit dormant and the second will fill up pretty quickly. Think public galleries can be found right here.

And finally, I am attaching my latest Instagram posts.


On Saturday I was able to take part in a very pleasant walk with a smaller group, which also gave me the opportunity to recruit some volunteers for a transport operation next Thursday.

So it's always a great thing when you can combine the pleasant with the useful. And since I was already there, I was able to make another individual agreement on the 6th Hertenstein Talks.

To this day I am still convinced that you can hold meetings and make agreements very well when you are on the move. If necessary, you only have to ensure that a corresponding protocol is submitted later.

And as far as the transport action is concerned, we will also combine the useful with the pleasant; I'm already looking forward to what we're going to do Elvin recommended for dessert.

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