I just saw a blogroll while browsing the weblog — a much better pastime than the commercial social media. The first thing I wanted to do was to look through them right away, but then I thought that I still have quite a few things planned for today and let it go. Now I'm curious as to when my curiosity will get too big and I'll come back to it. The “intermediate days” are definitely a good choice for this.

In any case, I have a flea in my ear again and am considering whether such a blogroll is also something for my weblog — if I remember correctly, I have had a blogroll like this one or the other time.

As far as I can remember, blogrolls went out of fashion because Google's algorithms saw them as a form of "spamming", falling victim to the popular SEO trend. They are still primarily good tipsters for weblog readers and a good introduction to the world of weblogs.

And anyone who takes a closer look at it will be amazed at how many weblogs can still be found on the World Wide Web. I mean, this world is much more interesting and often more exciting than the Twitter and Co. "Tweeting", which are not only more and more commercialized, but are also usually not very effective.


Recently, some city councils of the Free Voters sat down, among others Marion Rathgeber-Roth, for more rubbish bins throughout the city. Unfortunately, such measures - which are absolutely necessary for us - are not the focus of the city administration.

Here our city councils are obviously closer to the citizens than our own administration, which probably continues to assume the "ideal citizen". I, too, very much regret that it is necessary to provide more rubbish bins and dog waste bag dispensers in our city, including appropriate disposal containers.

We Heilbronn should rather go back to the old tradition of avoiding waste to return. Even today it is incomprehensible to me that a local has to resort to public rubbish bins at all. It is even more incomprehensible to me that these fellow citizens are then not even able to place their rubbish in such.

In my opinion, the solution lies solely in the increased education of our fellow human beings and until then in draconian punishments, which really, I mean really really, hurt - gladly from 500 euros upwards per fag, etc. Of course, these must then also be enforced!

core city

It is gratifying that the unappealing situation in Heilbronn's core city is slowly becoming the focus of public interest - it should be, because this is a very serious matter for everyone in Heilbronn.

It is also good to read today in the Heilbronn voice that those responsible are now also addressing points that we Heilbronners have known for decades. "You only know Heilbronn from the autobahn and the two cooling towers." (Stephen Ernesti, Heilbronner voice by 16.12.2021/24/XNUMX: XNUMX)

What is less good is that those responsible continue to deny all responsibility; “everyone” is to blame for the misery, just not those who are paid by us to make Heilbronn a more livable city again.

And gladly again: Large investors are good for the show and also adorn some mayors, but a city lives from the investments of its citizens. And these citizens can and only want to invest if the city administration provides the necessary framework conditions and then guarantees them for decades to come. Because a hometown is not a short-term object of speculation or even a tax avoidance model!

It is sad that the remaining Heilbronn property owners, who have been trying to keep their properties in good condition for decades, not only have to suffer from the loss of the necessary peace and order in the city center and the lack of cleanliness, but also more and more victims by hired nomads or hired vandals.

If, as was the case in the USA, one deliberately ruins the core cities, and this probably only to help large investors later find new properties cheaply, one will have to recognize that they are also no longer interested in run-down inner cities. What such inner cities look like can still be observed today, e.g. in Detroit and Co.

Ceterum censeo, we must make our pedestrian zones pedestrian zones again! We even have to extend these to the back streets of the core city! We have to ensure that fewer motor vehicles of all kinds, beggars, peddlers and other figures bother the citizens! We need to get them visibly trash-free again!

Not to forget: the topic of public toilets!

As soon as our core city can come up with a coherent concept from the multi-storey car parks to the smallest shops around the corner, and both Heilbronn citizens and visitors can stroll through the city and linger there, for example for a coffee, Heilbronn will be closed become a city that you don't just drive past with a wave on the autobahn.

Reading recommendation of the day

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