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They still exist, surprises. For example today at the university. Until Detlef Stern there was probably no one who knew what to do with the Pi tag. And even when I tried to help the students with a picture of a cake, all I got was complete incomprehension. And even my English-language allusion to pi and pie was not understood.

And in a later lecture with a few nice colleagues, this led me to remember the IT crowd — dinosaurs keep to themselves.

The IT Crowd series was one of my must-do shows between 2006 and 2010, mainly because I was responsible for such a department myself from 2002 to 2006 and I was convinced that someone there had just let a camera run along.

However, my absolute favorite is still the episode "Series 3 Episode 4: The Internet", which can perhaps only be surpassed by the program that follows directly.


It is now becoming apparent that a solution will be found for the federal highway 27 in Neckarsulm. Today we can read in the Heilbronner Voice (March 14.3.2023, 23: XNUMX) that the mayor there is in favor of a tunnel solution.

Since I've been traveling with the meseno bus in the northern part of the district, I've been using the B27 through Neckarsulm myself and can confirm that a journey through a tunnel would be the better alternative; in any case, a tunnel would offer a more attractive view for all users. And for the people of Neckarsulm there would be an opportunity to better develop the district around what was then the B27.

And now I'm curious to see if I'll still be able to drive through this tunnel myself.

Day off

Yesterday I took it a little easier because the weekend was probably a bit too exhausting — you're starting to notice that I'm not 50 anymore. And when I did recover a bit towards the evening, I took the opportunity to prepare for today's lecture and to at least look through the accumulated mail.

It struck me negatively that the rape of a good book Erich Maria Note did so well in Hollywood. But that fits with recent reading Theodor Adornos who has his own opinion on film and television. Sentences like "Your mass society has not only produced the rubbish for the customers, but the customers themselves." (2022: 168), "Your product is not a stimulus at all, but a model for reacting to non-existent stimuli.’ (2022: 229) or ‘As soon as misery and suffering grant man a rest, boredom is immediately so close that he necessarily needs a pastime.’ (2022: 199) may be seen as clues.

Addendum (20.3.2023):
And Adorno also finds the right words for this current case:

"The weakness of all traditional art outside of its tradition provides the pretext for improving it and thus barbarically blighting it."


But it got even worse, because our professional politicians are trying by all means, whether illegal or illegitimate, to secure their own supply posts forever. It is true that they were already obliged by the courts years ago to at least to return to the 598 members of the Bundestag, which would still easily be too much for 398 professional politicians alone in the Bundestag, but protracted these court decisions for as long as possible and now come around the corner with a 630 MP proposal, which is immediately torpedoed again from all sides.

Oh, how would the world be in order if our politicians worked as hard for climate change, the educational misery and other catastrophes as for the very comfortable and extremely lucrative seats in the Reichstag building.

"Anyone who does not deal with politics has already taken the political partisanship that he would like to avoid: he serves the ruling party."

 Max Frisch, Diary 1946 – 1949 (1985: 290)