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Since December 2022 I have independent of shockwave rider once again installed a hit counter on my weblog. And how Jorg Kantel I hope that my meter is also fully data protection compliant; at least neither my relevant control pages nor my cookie manager have so far claimed otherwise. More importantly, I didn't get a friendly hint from either Detlef Stern.

Of course, one could precisely record and evaluate access to one's own pages with appropriate software, but this is far too time-consuming for me and, at least for me, the added value is not recognizable. In addition, one or the other reader would certainly feel "surveilled". That's why I chose Digital Factory's Post View Counter, which does what it's supposed to do for me, namely it gives my readers and me a rough overview of how often my posts and pages have been viewed.

In the software settings, I can also set that bots should not be counted and, if this is at all possible, each reader may only be counted once a day.

Today I got me once, motivated by Jorg Kantel, looked at my access numbers from February 2023. A total of a good 17 visitors are said to have looked at my pages, with the forums (about 000 hits) still occupying first place, which is interesting and not entirely understandable for me. Incidentally, the blog post that was read the most in February (7 hits) is not by me, but by John Marsia and is about the Ukraine war. This article was written in October 2022 and has already found more than 1 readers.

Jorg Kantels conclusion for the month of February is "moaning beats technical information." For me it was the other way around in February 2023, blog posts on the subject of the Ukraine war and the USA occupy the hit list and only one complete outsider post from 2010 Caspar David Friedrich (a good 180 hits) is still doing very well there.

In February 2023, my own complaining posts, which otherwise ensure good traffic, hardly contributed to the blog's success. I could now ask myself whether I was much too gentle with my contemporaries in February?

"The humane adheres to imitation: a human being only becomes human in the first place by imitating other human beings."


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