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Since such a list is currently – once again – making the rounds among many bloggers and now too David Wertheimer was inspired to write a corresponding post [post no longer available], I can't help but also provide a list of my standard apps - if a neighbor has a Porsche in front of the house, all neighbors will soon have a Porsche in front of the house. So far I have “only” a related forum post.

So here we go - I'll stick to the list of David Wertheimer.

  • Mail Service: I continue to use 1und1
  • Mail client: Mail app (iPhone and desktop), Outlook only rarely (desktop)
  • Notes: my note box
  • To-Do: Moleskin app, but rather my note box
  • Calendar: Moleskin app, sometimes Calendar app (iPhone and desktop), Outlook only rarely (desktop)
  • Contacts: Contacts App (iPhone and Desktop)
  • RSS Service: N/A
  • RSS Client: RSS Aggregator on WordPress
  • Launcher: N/A
  • Cloud storage: OneDrive, iCloud, Telekom and 1und1 / IONOS
  • Photo library: Amazon Cloud, weblog and home server
  • Web browser: mostly Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Tor (Rest according to blog post)
  • Chat: Messages, Threema, Skype and DeltaChat
  • Bookmarks: Safari
  • Reading: more on this in the relevant blog posts
  • Word Processing: mostly Word
  • Spreadsheets: mostly Excel
  • Presentations: mostly PowerPoint
  • Shopping Lists: Head
  • Personal finance: better half
  • Music: Amazon Music, Apple Music, home server and record player
  • Podcasts: N/A — @ Thomas: I won't change that anymore
  • Password Management: Roboform
  • Social Media: Bluesky, LinkedIn and X
  • Weather: Weather App (iPhone)
  • Search: mostly Google, Rest according to blog post
  • Code Editor: BBEdit

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