All apartments are very centrally located in Heilbronn's pedestrian zone. They do not have their own parking spaces, but there is a multi-storey car park in less than two minutes (underground car park K3) and another in approx. 5 minutes (City car park at the Bollwerksturm) within walking distance. The city of Heilbronn also offers for its 37 parking zones in the city center resident parking permits which are each valid for one year.

All apartments have a road connection, which enables transport, delivery and disposal companies as well as craftsmen and emergency services to drive directly to the house.

The tram and city buses can be reached on foot in less than five minutes and the main train station is less than 20 minutes away. It takes less than five minutes to get to the Stadtbad and the Stadttheater and less than 10 minutes to the Theaterschiff. It takes about 20 minutes to get to the Neckarhalde outdoor pool. The city library can be reached in two minutes and the university library in about 15 minutes.

Die Wohnungen verfügen jeweils über einen Kabelanschluss (bis zu 1000 MBit/s im Download und bis zu 50 MBit/s im Upload) und einen Telekom-Anschluss (bis zu 100 MBit/s im Download und bis zu 40 MBit/s im Upload). Wer möchte kann bei der Telekom auch einen Glasfaseranschluss buchen; die entsprechenden Glasfaserleitungen sind bereits als Hausanschluss vorhanden.

Each apartment has its own gas floor heating system and an electric hot water boiler in the kitchen. They also have insulating glazing and shutters, a fitted kitchen and an intercom system with a door opener.

The apartments in the 55 row also have a central laundry room, each with its own water and electricity connection, as well as a bicycle storage room in the basement.

Apartment 55-1

This apartment was completely renovated in 2022 and has an approx. 10 m² west-facing balcony and its own basement room.

My blog post "tenants wanted' dated July 29, 2022

My blog post "tenants wanted“ of March 14, 2023

More information about the apartment can be found here.

Apartment 55-2

This apartment has a west-facing balcony of approx. 10 m² and its own cellar room.

Apartment 55-3

This apartment was completely renovated in 2019 and is an attic apartment with access to the stage area.

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My blog post "tenants wanted“ of March 3, 2024

More information about the apartment can be found here.

Apartment 57-1

Apartment 57-2

More information about the apartment can be found here.

Apartment 57-3

Apartment 57-4

Apartment 57-5

Property management

You can reach the HMK property management via email


If you have problems with the water connection, the sanitary facilities or the heating, please contact us directly Partner company Scheerle GmbH under the phone number +49 7131 177681 or via email

In all other emergencies, please dial the following emergency numbers:

110: The number for the police
110 is for when you or someone else needs police help because you feel threatened, in danger, or are facing a crime that requires police intervention.

112: The number for fire and rescue services
Dial 112 at AccidentsWherein fires or if someone is in a life-threatening emergency located.

116117: The number for the medical emergency service
The emergency number 116117 connects you to the medical on-call service. She is the right number if someone needs immediate medical attention but the situation is not life threatening is or when the normal medical practices are closed.

Taxes and fees included

Interesting facts

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