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Post photo: Bouillabaisse | @ Bettina Kummerle

Inspired by Chris Kurbjuhn, I couldn't resist and post a simple but very tasty bouillabaisse that we made on the occasion of a visit to the Townhouse in Muellheim could enjoy. The kitchen of Tinea Schneider has been recommended for years. My very personal tip is a vegetable broth on an artichoke with a lost egg.

And since we were already in the vicinity, I was made aware of the vinotheque, which only opened this year Sahner's Finest Wines to look closer. Wine shops have recently been in great demand again here in Heilbronn, and even if they may differ from one another, I can't help but keep thinking about Jacques' Wein-Depot, even when the wine is being served in test tubes or even cozy seating areas invite you to linger longer.

That's how I was when I first looked around Oliver Sahners Vinothek, which is located in the pedestrian zone in Müllheim, was very pleasantly surprised and even more so when I found out that Sahner had selected all the wines himself and tasted them beforehand. Oliver Sahner is a Markgräfler homegrown and after the first steps as a sommelier in Switzerland he has now opened his first own specialty shop. So it is not surprising that he also offers wines from the immediate vicinity, which he combines with a surprisingly different selection of wines from quite a few corners of the world.

I was very happy when I suddenly had an Italian in my hand, which I didn't know at all, but which met my personal taste quite well and thus rounded off my visit excellently.

The reason for our stay at the rubbish dump was the birthday of a very good friend and so we once again had the opportunity to see how fast the world continues to turn and where the wind of life has blown many people meanwhile - I would never have thought of Portugal.

The very informative weekend began with a presidium meeting of the Free Voters in Baden-Württemberg, which I was able to attend from home.

This weekend will probably end with a dance lesson and with the preparations for a lecture that I will give on Tuesday.

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