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Even if I am convinced that one should always try to be the owner of all one's own data, the whole thing comes up against its limits, namely precisely when it makes communication with one another more difficult. And as much as I would like to see the concept of the IndieWeb implemented everywhere, I also believe that its limited implementation options, at least today, also make communication with each other more difficult. But at least the communication there is more limited to a very specific user group.

That's why I continue to hold one myself forum on this weblog Celebration. The only restriction is that I only allow write access for registered users — unfortunately for far too many contemporaries another reason not to participate in a forum. And maybe also the reason why so many fellow citizens like to use the numerous social media — an apparent anonymity or one's own absorption in the crowd lowers inhibitions, similar to alcohol. But, after some very negative experiences as a forum operator, this is the only way to be able to offer and operate such a forum without a larger staff. Anyone who writes openly and under their own name is more likely to think twice about what they publish.

And as long as there are no other active users of the forum, I'll keep thinking about how I can now use such a forum profitably for myself. Recently, for example, I For example, my blogroll was moved there in the hope that it would mean less work for me in the forum and maybe even motivate one or the other blogger to visit the forum at least once.

Otherwise, I use the forum as a good way to house the FAQ there. I can also use it quite well for other projects that I don't necessarily want to sink into my paper box until the end of the day.

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