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In 1971, the Doors released the song “Riders on the Storm” on their album LA Woman. One song on the LP came from John Lee Hooker, which alone guaranteed the success of the long-playing record.

The really amazing thing about the song released here is that it is not only inspired by the song “Ghost Riders in the Sky: A Cowboy Legend” from 1948 by Stan Jones be influenced, but also on Martin Heidegger should refer. Heidegger's concept of “thrownness” is often brought into play here, which describes the inevitability of existence in more detail.

Taking this into account, the 1970s song actually takes on a completely different meaning. Which, at least to me and perhaps to most other listeners, would not have been familiar at the time.

Into this house, we're born 
Into this world, we're thrown 
Like a dog without a bone

Riders on the Storm, 1971

I'm wondering if the band members are around Jim Morrison around have actually read Heidegger, or were not simply looking for a deeper reason for the success of one of their songs. Whatever the case, associating The Doors with Heidegger is somewhat unusual, at least from today's perspective, especially in the 1970s, when his involvement with National Socialism was increasingly being questioned.

The note is more understandable:

Girl, you gotta love your man 
Girl, you gotta love your man 
Take him by hand 
Make him understand 
The world depends on you

Riders on the Storm, 1971

Addendum 29.4.2024

I would be happy to comply with the suggestion that I could also add the “original”, which is from Stan Jones comes from. Personally, I still like it Johnny Cashs version is a little better, but the Blues Brothers version is also worth listening to again and again.

“Leave the informed sense in our wake
you be Christ on this package tour
– Money beats soul –
Last words, last words

Jim Morrison, 1971

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  • Heinrich, I'm currently reading the book published in 2023 Ilona Jerger and Konrad Lorenz. Reference is often made to Heidegger, as he was at the time of Konrad Lorenz lived, as well Wernher von Braun. H was denazified by the French and also had his teaching license revoked. Lg