Fever delusion


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While I continue to be harassed by the Heilbronn city administration as chairman of the Free Voters and have to answer questions from the population about why a "man" can adopt over 100 children and collect a good 1,5 million euros in tax money, I graduated like this I also have my weekly lecture series. But then my better half had to pick me up from college because my man flu suddenly came back. We used the return trip to document a few posters that the city administration said were illegal; Some posters, especially those in more attractive locations, have already disappeared, which is already prompting angry calls from my colleagues.

I spent the rest of the day sleeping, which today is probably the best way to get back on my feet. You could also consult a doctor or call the emergency services straight away, which more and more of our fellow citizens are probably choosing as the better alternative.

Which now makes me, in my madness, connect everything and summarize it. When I was still a minor, I had to answer the question in an essay as to whether the Bundeswehr was the nation's school. I denied this at the time and derived it purely deductively. Today I still deny this, but now with inductive support. But, The Bundeswehr ensured one thing for those who decided to do military service for a variety of reasons at the time, namely that they not only became better people overnight, but also actually learned something good for their future lives - whether they It remains to be seen whether they have grown from bad examples or from good examples, but they have all grown.

A similar, but perhaps not as huge, milestone in a person's development is the successful completion of an apprenticeship, although only those qualifications that enable the journeyman to be able to make good coffee afterwards and know where to go with a broom should count is below.

Today we have to see that as a fugitive, a refusenik or a shirker, you can not only get a salary and bread and butter, but also reach the highest government positions without any major problems. Worse, even if you're still in your late twenties, you can drive up and down the avenue all day long in a leased or gifted car without any training or qualifications - at least until you're convicted of murder. Or you find a party register and get into the Bundestag and then work there as a “ghost driver” - without any risk of coming into contact with the public prosecutor's office; Whereby those who can chat about something without accidents crown the “unemployment television” with their presence and probably also collect extra money in the process.

Meanwhile, some of my fellow citizens are upset that immigrants in particular are making stupid and stupid money with crooked business dealings with us. Let me ask, who is to blame for this, the man who was awarded over 100 children by an honorable notary and the whole thing was registered by administrative staff of the worst kind, or the representatives, notaries, judges and administrative officials as well as employees, that make this possible?

Who among us would turn down 1,5 million euros if it were simply offered to us by our administrative apparatus? I would say that a large proportion of those fellow citizens who have served or at least completed proper professional training.

The smarter ones, who haven't really learned anything, are now sitting there on their asses in administrations and harassing us citizens when they aren't paying out child benefit for over 100 children to a completely unknown man - even if you're completely clueless in administrations yourself Sitting there, you usually don't know the difference between "1", "10" and "100", which can also explain why many of our communities are completely over-indebted.

And if one of our administrative staff feels a fit of workaholism, there is “Child benefit for everyone" Permits to post posters in completely foreign cities or citizens are being harassed.

The greatest danger for every country is stupid and hard-working administrations! And if you can't train their employees, then you should at least train them properly; There was something good about the fact that many administrative staff had previously served. And this is probably also the reason why, as soon as there is work in our administrations, people still cry out for the Bundeswehr.

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