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I was able to listen to this song “Hey You” for the first time on a tennis court in the spring of 1980, because a fellow player had probably been the first to get the album “The Wall” (1979) directly from London and was now playing it to the entire tennis court.

Later I also bought “The Wall” so that I could not only enjoy the music better, but also understand the lyrics a little better. When the corresponding film came into our cinemas at the end of 1982, it was a given for many people to watch it straight away.

And this Pink Floyd song is still played up and down today, as are other songs from this double album. But after 45 years it is doubtful whether there are other listeners like me who will listen to this record in its entirety and then again.

“Hey you, don't tell me there's no hope at all
“Together we stand, divided we fall”

Roger Waters, Hey You (1979)

But as already written here in the blog, for me there are much better records by Pink Floyd, which I continue to listen to in their entirety and even more often up and down.

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