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Almost two years ago I already had over Death cleaning written and found that this is only macabre at first glance.

"In my opinion, no one can start decluttering their own life too early, because ultimately it leads to them reflecting on it more closely, and who knows, it will also change their own consumer behavior."

Modesty post from January 25, 2020

But then, with all the pandemic fuss, I lost sight of the whole thing again. So far I've only been able to dispose of a few memberships, social accounts, websites and a few carloads of books, as well as handing over a few surplus electronics.

And purely due to the pandemic, the number of my unnecessary internet presences has increased again; what such a pandemic has to serve for.

To speed things up a bit, I'm starting this minimalism project and, as an inveterate "hunter & collector", I'm trying to get rid of a favorite item at least once a week.

As soon as I held the first item in my hands today, the actual martyrdom began, because in spirit I was still able to build on the pre-pandemic period, but the rest of me resisted too much to follow up my words with deeds.

So I was really relieved when my better half, with an ugly comment on my new idea, temporarily resolved my inner conflict and made me approach the project a little more cautiously.

So I plan to identify an item, a membership or an Internet presence once a week, which I then consider passing on, deleting or disposing of.

So I hope that I'll slowly but surely get used to getting rid of unnecessary ballast. It is also to be hoped that no further pandemic will stand in my way.

I'll keep you updated here and look forward to supportive or perhaps "reassuring" comments and suggestions.

Who knows, maybe there will be others who are willing and able to take part in this experiment?

"Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."

William Morris, "The Beauty of Life", a lecture to the Birmingham Society of Arts and School of Design (February 19, 1880)

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