Going There, Getting There and Coming Home

Heilbronn is big

Feature photo: Going There, Getting There and Coming Home | © James Rizzi

During the current local election campaign, I once again made it my goal to beautify the core of Heilbronn with posters.

I am very happy that I can rely on my wife for help Bettina can build and me again and again other free voters, such as Stefan Fiebig, actively support.

However, due to time constraints alone and the fact that we only have a limited number of posters available, it will be impossible to include all my favorite spots.

In addition, other competitors are also tirelessly on the move and have similar ideas about successful billposting in the city center.

However, if you are missing a Free Voters poster at your location, please let me know as soon as possible, because we can still make adjustments.

"You cannot be big unless you are prepared to kiss the ground. You cannot defend the soil unless you know the smell of that soil. I know the smell of our soil. I know the rhythm of our rivers. I know the beat of our drums. The theories, the dogmas and the scripts stand outside the gates of history. The dominant factor is the aspiration of the people and the ability to seek total identification with it. Once the significance of the symphony is grasped, the lines fall into place, the dogmas and theories get legs to move in time to the majesty of that music. This does not mean that I am preaching pragmatism. There is a lot of expediency in pragmatism. I am trying to trace the roots of the problems, the genesis of the challenges, the cause of the struggle."

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, from The Letter to His Daughter (1978, A letter from the Death Cell)

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