Trade journals

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Reading the newspaper every day is probably part of a habit that will become less important after my generation. Compared to books, the older medium, newspapers are likely to lose far more readers than previously thought. But perhaps newspapers will also succeed in reinventing themselves as digital media and continue to find a sufficient readership.

My recommendations for one newspaper reading I have already mentioned this in a previous post, but I am already realizing that I, too, refrain from reading the usual newspapers faster than I would have ever suspected.

Observing this, I also notice that my own focus is now shifting more towards specialist journals. These are now more and more available in digital form, but still have their very special charm in paper form. They are also more likely to be picked up when they are between the books that are still to be read and are ready to be read in one go.

Although I still have an old newspaper filing cabinet, the daily newspapers only eke out their existence there until they end up in the waste paper — that's how quickly time has changed in just one generation. And I only occasionally collect newspaper clippings for association purposes, although every archivist is happy to confirm that this also makes little sense, since the newspapers have their own archives and are happy to make them available to all interested readers.

Since I'm currently writing about professional journals, I don't want to miss introducing those that I like to read myself:

"Read means thinking with someone else's head instead of your own."

Arthur Schopenhauer, Parerga and Paralipomena II (2018 [1851]: 6 – §261)