• 30.9.02022
    Coffee | Contest | playgrounds
  • America lurches...
    My new perspective describes these developments and uncertainties in the United States, which can be seen with an outsider's view.
  • 29.9.02022
    lock drama | Berlin election | city ​​pool
  • Alfa crap
    Alfa Mist is a young musician from London who was born in the early 1990s and quickly rose to prominence with 2015's Nocturne EP.
  • 26.9.02022
    Uniforms | speed | slanders
  • 24.9.02022
    reading mentor | home page

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  1. Do you find new characteristics in the present situation that have not yet appeared in relation to the crises of the past (since 1776)...

  2. reads: “America lurches…”. kuemmerle.name/america-schlin... (e.g. "It's unimaginable what a predicament Europe and the EU would have gotten into if Trump...

  3. Well, our state grandfather has other "priorities" ... It's always the others who are to blame.

  4. Thomas Heiligenmann zu 29.9.02022

    Incidentally, data on the Neckar, among other things, has been available interactively or automatically for years here: https://www.pegelonline.wsv.de/ A very nice example...

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