• 8.12.02022
    man flu | Nationwide warning day | Heilbronner voice
  • 6.12.02022
    Nicholas | Christmas Party | Dance
  • Fourth December
    In Heilbronn, December 4th has been a very special day since 1944, which some still take as an opportunity to go to the honorary cemetery again.
  • Christmas letter 2022
    We are now in World War III, with most of us taking advantage of the opportunity that still exists and burying our heads in the sand.
  • natural laws
    Our natural laws differ from man-made laws in that they cannot be enforced or overruled by us at will.
  • 1.12.02022
    Meeting | Potemkin | praise

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  1. Thanks for the tip! Except for zinc, I should be able to get everything by now, and also very regularly. Question coming soon...

  2. When it comes to the male flu, I recommend the blood values ​​​​for zinc, vitamin D3 and B12 from a competent...

  3. The daily review of December 8.12.2022th, 8 by 🐘HeinrichKuemmerle@mastodon.social with a focus on #Heilbronn #HeilbronnerStimme #Warntag kuemmerle.name/12-02022-XNUMX

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Fritz Singer (1841-1910) already put this problem into a poem decades ago and at the same time combined it with another mystery.

heavy things

And did you also study by day and
at night,

and you have it for a scholar too

two things you never grasp and

The women and the German

"Being a genius certainly has its advantages."

Wile E. Coyote in Operation: Rabbit (1952)