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The press and social media are out of control in the USA, because there for the first time a (former) president has been officially accused of treason, among other things. Donald Trump will also survive this unscathed, but at least one has tried it at least once in the USA, Thomas Jeffersons claim "all men are created equal" to become reality.

Here in Germany, according to current polls, the Nazis can again appear as the second strongest party, and those parties that wanted to at least halve this number are now hurrying to at least come up for discussion as future coalition partners. It should be clear to all of us that an enabling law will not be long in coming.

The only question I have is who will be chancellor Vladimir Putins graces be? In the USA and also here in Germany, it has long been no longer a question of left or right, but only of whether there will be a reign of criminals again. And we all know only too well what that will look like in Germany.


Only recently, with thunderous applause from the municipal council and at our expense, the platforms of Heilbronn's main train station were reduced to the level of a small train, only to think a few months later about bringing them back - but only temporarily - to a German standard.

That will certainly cost us Heilbronn a lot of money and will lead to nothing, because the train has long since left the train for Heilbronn. In order to underline this, another tram track is planned in front of the station, which will further limit the trafficability of the station.

A responsible city administration and also a municipal council with the desire to shape and develop our city would have long thought about how to compensate for the self-inflicted disconnection from European rail traffic.

One idea would be to convert the Wollhaus into a national bus station with all-day operations and then connect it to the city railway.

Small joy

At the end of my stay this year, I was once again able to experience a functioning city administration. In our district, the streets were cleaned again and from 6 a.m. the streets in question were cleared of parked cars.

When the sweeper came, it all happened very quickly, because a neighbor had overslept and didn't put his car away. The driver of the road sweeper made a detour around the car and shortly afterwards - a few seconds later (!) - a car from the public order office was already there. The young lady got out, took a few photos of said car and issued the ticket. The neighbor came running and probably wanted to apologise, but the employee just waved at him and drove after the sweeper again — the fun costs the neighbors a good 60 dollars.

On a short walk, I could see that there were a good four other sinners in the neighborhood, all with appropriate tickets now. If you only extrapolate this to the entire district, then the road sweeper and the lady from the public order office have already paid for themselves on this day — and the streets are also sparkling clean.

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