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national assembly

Today I wanted to concentrate fully on the state assembly of the EUROPA-UNION Baden-Württemberg. This time it took place again as a face-to-face event in Sindelfingen. And we from Heilbronn were again well represented.

I was very pleased that the state delegates have become "younger" and that one can follow quite clearly how the JEF is getting more and more involved in the EUROPA-UNION itself.

But you also have to realize how quickly time flies — until recently, my better half and I were JEFers.

Parliament XXL

In contrast to Saarland, the government and state parliament in Baden-Württemberg are still living in cloud cuckoo land and continue to work tirelessly to ensure that even the last election loser gets at least one seat in the state parliament. There is even talk of doubling the number of seats in the state parliament.

It really is time that both the prime minister and his deputy saw the signs of the times and resigned as well.

This may also motivate one or the other pensioner at the municipal level to reconsider his political ambitions and maybe spend the last years of his life, e.g. B. to spend with voluntary work - as we can hear and read again and again, there is actually still a need here.


Actually, I didn't want to write a blog post today, but events are happening and I just can't resist.

The resignation of Sebastian Kurz in Austria was only logical and probably also unavoidable. Nevertheless, some German ministers should take this minimum of responsibility as an example and not cling to their posts to the bitter end.

However, I am impressed by the decision of the two German federal ministers Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer and Peter Altmaierto no longer be a member of the new German Bundestag. Admittedly, I would never have expected this.

The Saarland CDU is thus setting an example, not only for the other CDU state associations, but also for the CSU, SPD and other future governing parties!

But today I pay my respects Tobias Hans, who read the signs of the times and showed true leadership — the country needs politicians like these.

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