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Tanks for Ukraine

Now there is a discussion in Germany about the fact that the many superfluous (because of our politics!) German tanks, which have been waiting for a sinisterly expensive "delaboration" for us - at the expense of the Bundeswehr, of course - are to be sent to the Ukraine for the war in the short term transfer ownership - of course also at the expense of the Bundeswehr.

This discussion alone shows that the proposers and their supporters have no idea about boos and boos! Because tanks not only have to be operated and driven, but also constantly maintained and repaired. In addition, they are only useful if they are used in the "combination of weapons". But with such confused demands, we are already the very best experts and will probably have to be entertained in the future — also at the expense of the Bundeswehr, of course.

I'm just waiting for the Bundeswehr to set up a compensation fund for conscientious objectors and shirkers (that should be at least 200 billion euros). That would be a sign of peace! Why hasn't our politicians figured it out yet?

Free voters

A virtual meeting of the Heilbronn Free Voters took place yesterday. And I was so looking forward to it. And then, the implementation of state law in Heilbronn, which is actually no longer comprehensible, based on the pitch keys was raised, I was about to intervene myself...

But then normal life caught up with me and unfortunately I had to leave the congregation. It's a pity, now I don't know how my fellow campaigners feel about the topic and what the motor for determining a parking space key is in the city of Heilbronn. I don't hope that "if you lubricate well, you have a good pitch key."

right to vote

De-democratization can also be observed in our country. We don't have to point fingers at Hungary or Poland; with a slightly longer experience of democracy than our eastern neighbors, our approach is just a little more subtle.

So yesterday a new right to vote for the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg was decided, which really has it all! The positive thing is that the FDP actually recognized the rat and also voted against it.

In principle, there is actually nothing wrong with lowering the voting age. And the argument that a minimum of maturity and knowledge is required for such a task, which is important for our democracy, no longer applies to us, since we have long since abolished the prerequisites for important things - just look at many of our ministers .

The real problem with lowering the voting age is the further decoupling of rights and duties that harmonize with each other in a functioning society.

But now let's talk about the actually serious change in our electoral law. A two-vote right to vote as in the Bundestag has now been introduced. And we are currently seeing what that means in the Bundestag, which is now the largest parliament in the world after the Chinese People's Congress.

And with this right to vote, the new caste system (professional politicians on the one hand and consumers on the other!) has now been officially introduced to us. And our politicians openly admit that this is intended to close the gap between “what voters have always voted for” and “what they actually have to vote for”. With the first vote, the "driving horses" are now chosen and with the second vote, we get those professional politicians who we actually don't want or who we have already voted out.

Especially in times when people are thinking about how to make the Bundestag a functioning instrument for our democracy again, the harmonization of our state parliament with it sends the completely wrong signal. Our politicians will soon be commuting to Warsaw and Budapest to get further ideas.

I can only recommend that all of our professional politicians enter into a partnership with the Chinese People's Congress right away.

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