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Steep thesis

For decades I've been wondering why the SPD and trade unions are ruining our education system? Yet it is completely understandable. Both “institutions”, which are supposedly dedicated to the welfare of the people, have to realize very quickly that the well-fed workers are running away in droves. They only gain a reasonably secure following among those job holders whose weal and woe depends on a state-controlled labor market - but here, too, the other parties are already poaching.

That is why the SPD and the trade unions, just like the social associations and aid organizations, must take care of their future voters and customers themselves, since a functioning market economy is slowly but surely abolishing not only poverty, but also, quite logically, dependent wage labour.

That is why the party ideologues have been doing everything they can for a very long time not only to create a sufficiently large precariat, but also to cement it for all time!

And what is the best way to achieve this? Quite simply by sabotaging the public education system and establishing intelligence, achievement, initiative and diligence as the new deadly sins of a society.

Stupid and easy-going people will form a good membership potential who will be happy that the SPD and the unions regularly offer you alms - and they have learned from their mistakes, because "their customers" shouldn't have it too good anymore, otherwise they'll look this once over the edge of the plate.

And what did I learn from it?

Do not trust anyone who builds their own existence on other people's plight!


Since 2015, I've been asking myself why there aren't enough parking spaces planned and created in Heilbronn (e.g. Südbahnhof or Neckarbogen). And I not only ask myself this question, but also regularly our city councillors. Especially before new construction projects (e.g. high places), which our city councils have to agree to.

I would like to point out that every new apartment will certainly need more than one parking space and that this will continue to be the case for years to come, and that it is therefore imperative that at least 1,5 parking spaces (parking space key) are included in the planning for each apartment was always rejected by the city councils I approached in this regard, saying that they had no decision-making powers because this was clearly stipulated in state law — ergo, our city councils are just helpless vicarious agents of a larger whole.

Today I can now read the following in the Heilbronner voice:

“In the first phase of construction, reports Jan Fries, the pitch ratio was 0,6. For the second construction phase, the key was raised to 0,8, but construction would now ultimately be based on the key of 0,5 parking spaces per apartment. In addition, emphasizes Fries, the planned neighborhood garage can cover parking space needs.”

Voice of Heilbronn (25.03.2022: 31)

As the whole thing is now, our city councilors have a say. Because ultimately they decide who receives money or other benefits from the state and who then has to foot the bill. It would be better if our city councilors thought about how problems can be solved and how future challenges can be mastered. We don't need parliaments (!) for decisions about who is allowed to earn money and who isn't — nor local councils.

Now that I have become a little more curious, I looked up state law and present the relevant paragraph here:

§ 37
Parking spaces for motor vehicles and bicycles, garages

(1) When constructing buildings with apartments, a suitable parking space for motor vehicles must be created for each apartment (necessary car parking space). When erecting other structures and other facilities where entry and exit traffic is to be expected, the necessary number of car parking spaces must be created in such a number that they are sufficient for the proper use of the facilities, taking local public transport into account. Instead of necessary car parking spaces, the construction of necessary garages is permitted; in accordance with paragraph 8, garages can also be requested. Up to a quarter of the necessary car parking spaces according to sentence 2 can be replaced by creating bicycle parking spaces. Four bicycle parking spaces are to be created for one car parking space; the bicycle parking spaces created in this way are not offset against the obligation under paragraph 2.

(2) Bicycle parking spaces must be provided when erecting structures where bicycle traffic is expected to enter and exit. Their number and quality depends on the expected regular demand (necessary bicycle parking spaces) based on the type, size and location of the facility. Necessary bicycle parking spaces must be easily accessible from the public traffic area and must enable effective anti-theft protection; if they are to be produced for apartments, they must also be protected from the weather.

(3) In the event of changes or changes in use of facilities, parking spaces or garages must be provided in sufficient numbers to accommodate the additional motor vehicles and bicycles expected as a result of the change. Sentence 1 does not apply to the division of apartments or to projects to create additional living space through extensions, extensions, changes in use, adding stories or changing the roof if the building permit or notification for the building dates back at least five years.

(4) The building law authority can allow necessary parking spaces or garages to be built within a reasonable period of time after the completion of the facility. It must suspend production as long as and to the extent that there is no demonstrable need for parking spaces or garages and the areas required for production are secured for this purpose by building encumbrance.

(5) The necessary parking spaces or garages are to be created

1. on the building site,
2. on another property within a reasonable distance or
3. with the consent of the municipality on a plot of land in the municipality.

Production on a plot other than the building plot must be secured for this purpose by building encumbrance. If traffic reasons require it, the building law authority can, with the consent of the municipality, determine whether the parking spaces or garages are to be built on the building site or on another site.


State building regulations for Baden-Württemberg (LBO) in the version of March 5, 2010


It would be a gross mistake to assume that even in the most successful democracy, all citizens are democrats. It is probably even the case that the successful democracies not only attract anti-democrats from all countries, but are also ideal breeding grounds for completely new anti-democrats. We were able to observe this particularly well in the USA recently, and most of us are still shocked by it today.

But this is probably absolutely necessary, because if everyone were good, the good would no longer exist. And so you can only be a good democrat if you always have the choice to also be an anti-democrat.

And to come back to us Germans, neither in 1945 nor in 1989 did we become voluntarily and certainly not ardent democrats. At these two “turning points” the existing democrats, in both West and East, were a very small minority, and very few of them actually had a say in the further development of democracy.

Most of us were able to follow this quite well in the 1990s, how the most promising communists in the GDR were hoisted into all offices of the federal German democracy overnight and still have a say in democratic discourse to this day.

We have learned nothing from the mistakes of the Federal Republic of Germany in the 1950s to 1970s, because there at least a few National Socialists were repeatedly removed from their democratic offices. Our communist fellow citizens have been spared this to this day.

We - at least the older ones among us - were also able to follow very well how the anti-democrats integrated themselves completely into the democratic parties, sometimes over decades, and then, in waves, so to speak, again and again, through new foundations, believing that they were on the left or right fringe feel that their time has come again.

And that's why you have to acknowledge, whether you like it or not, that the range of democratic parties in the Federal Republic of Germany is smaller than you think. It took me a long time myself to be able to accept this fact, namely that there can be no democratic party to the right of the CSU and also no democratic party to the left of the SPD — apart from a few lost, perhaps just confused, figures who put a democratic cloak on these anti-democratic parties.

The really interesting thing about this matter is that it's hardly - Victor Orban and Co apart — there are politicians or parties who openly and fully believe in their anti-democratic attitude.

Namely, these anti-democrats suggest that in the meantime democracy in our societies — and this after all the past decades — has actually become capable of winning a majority, and these anti-democrats only believe that they can dissuade us voters by deceiving and tricking us.

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