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New constituency

It's been official for a few days now. There is another list for the upcoming local elections in Heilbronn. Gursel Sen, who unsuccessfully ran for the SPD in 2019, is now starting his own list. Unfortunately, he had not accepted my corresponding offer to talk in 2019 so shortly after the election, his disappointment was probably too great.

But what surprised me was the name of the new list. It is now called “We for Heilbronn — Heilbronn voters’ association”. Because the city of Heilbronn, together with the city initiative, has this slogan "We for HN“ with the onset of the COVID-19 crisis 

So the question arises, what do we want Gursel Sen, the city administration or the city initiative say? Is the city administration now even financing its own voters' association, after perhaps our Heilbronn unity party did not quite agree on the upcoming election campaign?

And so I'm curious to see whether Pro Heilbronn will soon come up with its own list again in addition to Independents for Heilbronn. But there will probably be another list that was unsuccessful in 2019.

In any case, we Heilbronners will not be able to complain that there are no alternatives in the 2024 local elections - and so it remains very exciting.

The Met: Live in HD

There mine Magic Flute contribution but received more reactions than I expected, I follow up with a reference to the corresponding series of events at the Metropolitan Opera. On December 30, 2006, the Metropolitan Opera launched this new format with an English-language performance of The Magic Flute.

This is a real-time broadcast of a Met opera performance in cinemas around the world. As I have already reported, the 2022/2023 season ended with a German-language performance of The Magic Flute. And the coming season promises to be very interesting.

I go to see the shows myself when I'm in California, as the theaters there do quite well with the Met's performances. I would even say that the opera experience is much more pleasant and, above all, much more comfortable than if you were there yourself at the Metropolitan Opera.

But now to the question. Of course you can also watch The Met: Live in HD in a Heilbronn cinema, namely in the Cinema star Arthaus Heilbronn.

The Met also offers your own cinema search, which lists all cinemas worldwide that broadcast live in HD. Another corresponding cinema is located in Neckarsulm or in Backnang.

"La révolution mentale que nous devons mener consiste à remettre le politique au poste de commandement."

Raphael Glucksmann, La Grande Confrontation (2023: 147)

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