Feature photo: Steg am Neckar

Indian summer

Today my better half and I used the wonderful weather to stroll along the Neckar again. This time we made it to the end of the new jetty and marveled at the BUGA bridge on the way back. If you take a closer look at this bridge, it makes sense that it's not finished yet. The costs could probably have been reduced even further by not putting so much pressure on the construction companies, because ultimately the bridge will only be needed once the school and the surrounding apartments are finished later. During the corresponding construction phases, the completed Blitz will certainly not help the local builders very much. So it is to be hoped that our lightning bridge will not have to be renovated again when the first students want to use it.

On the way back we passed an Italian ice cream parlor and took the opportunity to test the Affogato espresso there. I thought it was a very interesting composition, so we'll probably stop by again soon to enjoy another affogato.


You shouldn't overwhelm some of your contemporaries too much. And so it is quite obviously already asking too much if I write on the website of the Free Voters as their chairman and then publish a circular of the EUROPA-UNION the following day, of which I am district chairman.

In any case, I received a kind of complaint today, the content of which leaves something to be desired even for a less perceptive fellow citizen. It is also to be feared that the author only heard about one part from hearsay and probably didn't quite understand the other part. My first reflex was to enlighten this fellow citizen a little, but then the fact that I had to do this Herculean task on a voluntary basis won out, so I decided not to.

Now I drink a good cup of tea instead and am happy that there are enough people with whom one can have a sensible conversation.


After I had done my lengths today, I watched a good friend do a little water aerobics. This does it quite well and so I was happy that I was spared the sore muscles the next day just by watching.

Addendum (8.10.2022)

Most of my readers have immediately and correctly Ute Bauman typed. At the end of the 1970s we worked together in the Neckarhalde and a few years ago in the Soleo — I thought we were always a very good team.