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The Oide Wessely

In 1980 I became a... George Danzer Fan and listened to his LP “Traurig Aber Wahr” up and down. At that time it was an attempt to come to terms with the past. Eight songs, each of which should - yes should - be heard on the radio today.

George Danzer dedicated the song to 140 Austrians. In the meantime, our Heilbronn administrative leadership and also some local councilors could definitely feel addressed - the mayor at the time Hans Hoffman was definitely grinning in 1980. Today's mayor enjoys and is silent.

We in Heilbronn should stop by the town hall before filling out our ballot papers and see what our local councilors actually mean by democracy - speak loudly for democracy in front of the town hall and pay homage to a Nazi in the town hall. If I become a local councilor, I will personally outcompete Hoffmann. It would be better if it had already disappeared in the city archives before June 9, 2024.


I've recently had increasing problems setting up and maintaining an Internet connection at home, although I'm not even talking about more modern speeds anymore - I've long since gotten used to the fact that the Internet tends to slow down my own life and take up more important tasks Night time moved. My provider insists that it's not his problem and after much back and forth we agreed that it must be the router — someone is always to blame!

Now I have from the Telekom I got a new “compatible and more stable” router - without question, that now costs me a little more - and after half a day of tinkering, I have a stable, but still slow, internet connection so far. The problem is that my device peripherals, especially those that I also got from the provider, now complain or play completely dead. Now my provider and I not only have different opinions about speed, but also about compatibility.

To save my nerves, I now ask my better half one device at a time whether she still needs it or not, and if not, it will be thrown away. And if it still doesn't work, I'll soon build a provider-independent infrastructure.

My new router is a little more optimistic because it states the speed: ↓ 6,2 Mbit/s ↑ 2,5 Mbit/s. But that probably still has little to do with the 50 Mbit/s I promised and paid for.


And by midday my internet has its promised bandwidth again, at least that's what the router shows. Which now reminds me that I still have to return the old router. And as soon as I gave up the old router, my internet leveled off again at around 5,0 Mbit/s! And the Telekom troubleshooting service continues to play dead, as does the Telekom app.

Little world

My better half and one of my two sons still agree on one thing, namely that the principal of my children's high school in Ulm was very controversial.

Yesterday I found out that after a detour via Bilbao he is now to become principal of the Josef Schwarz School in Heilbronn. Soon we will certainly be able to read in the Heilbronn voice that we have landed the second best teacher in the world for our city, right next to the mayor. You can also look at it a little more soberly, because at least now he is no longer in the public school system.

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