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Probably only a term for us older people, and probably better known to us under the name Kokomiko. As a reminder, anyone who got their hands on Fix and Foxi magazines in the 1960s and 1970s will certainly remember this type of tiger with an overly long tail — that was Marsupilami.

It is now 70 years since its first appearance, when its creator, Andre Franquin, on January 31, 1952, made this animal appear for the first time in the comic series "Spirou and Fantasio".

Marsupilami was so well known back then that he even got his own appearance on Asterix. And if I remember correctly, back then I even had a Marsupilami figure with a very flexible tail.

Today, on his 70th birthday, Marsupilami should hardly be known. I am happy to receive your relevant comments.

screaming fit

Apparently, the municipal council and city administration have not yet dulled all citizens as much as I have. And so it was probably to be expected that other citizens would publicly comment on these Heilbronn conditions, as they do today Helmut Epp in the voice of Heilbronn:

“... Heilbronn is a shopping paradise for women. I would also say that if I had awarded the city initiative [a Heilbronn association] 100 euros to make the city 'more attractive'.”

Helmut Epp (Heilbronn voice, January 31.1.2022, 29: XNUMX)

I already had that about this somewhat surprising image of women addressed by our mayor, but he will certainly know the Heilbronn women better than I do. And now I can't get the image of "cheap fingernails and even cheaper clothes" out of my head. I quote again on this Helmut Epp: "My wife went into a fit of screaming and crying after reading the article." With my better half, there are already two women from Heilbronn who cannot be reduced to pure “shopping machines” by the mayor.

It is also easy to understand that a large number of city councilors are fully behind the mayor, as their clubs and hobbies in particular receive larger sums of our tax money; and here, too, the well-known saying applies: "Whose bread I eat, whose song I sing." And so it is quite fitting that the mayor is also responsible for the "just keep it up" — also in the allocation and allocation of supervisory board mandates and committee seats in the municipal council — stands.

And this "Heilbronner Melange" is, according to the statements of some local councillors, Dieter schwarz exactly and exactly as wanted. To this day, I can't and don't want to imagine that a successful entrepreneur would delve into such depths or become entangled in it himself.

An explanation for this could be James Bond film "Diamonds Are Forever" (1971), because that's where the reclusive billionaire becomes Willard Whyte used to achieve the goals of the "eternal" villain Ernest Stavro Blofeld to achieve.

birthdays of the day

Franz Schubert and Theodor Heuss

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