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Self-critical peace policy

Even one Wolfgang Thierse is quoted today in the Frankfurter Zeitung as follows: "Slogans at peace demonstrations such as 'Soldiers are murderers' and 'Make peace without weapons' seem to him 'out of date and thoughtless.'" And he demands: "We need a self-critical peace policy.”

The peace movement that we know from the 1970s to today has nothing to do with the peace movement from the 19th century up to the 1960s - I have written this several times. Because this peace movement united with the European federalists and has been working on a peaceful, free and democratic Europe for the benefit of the entire world ever since.

The so-called today peace movement is only part of the Fifth Column of Soviet Communism and really consists only of compliant thugs and assassins who like to hide behind completely confused people. And these completely confused people suddenly speak up again and see the cause of the Ukraine war in US capitalism and also reject any arms deliveries to Ukraine.

We must now be very careful that the "peace movement" does not reactivate itself in its entirety and use stones and Molotov cocktails to attack everything and everyone who publicly advocates freedom and democracy.

small success

Today I am pleased to read in the Heilbronner Voice (30.03.2022/26/XNUMX: XNUMX) that Herbert Burkhardt was the only city councilor to ask exactly the right question in the Monday session, namely "Shouldn't we end the partnership entirely now, because it can't be actively maintained with the current people?" — Thank you, dear Herbert!

Unfortunately, however, the "Putin understanders" are still in the majority in the forty-strong Heilbronn municipal council, and now almost everyone is waiting for them to be able to present themselves in front of Russian war memorials and with Russian soldiers in a press-effective manner.

It's just a pity that the Heilbronn municipal council has no interest in our soldiers who died in the Cold War or even in the comrades who died in the most recent German military operations. Such sons of our city are not even worth a wreath to the municipal councils!

A good 30 years after the Cold War, it is more than time, for example, to erect a memorial stone at the Hafenmarktturm for the Heilbronn soldiers who died there and also for the US Americans stationed in Heilbronn.

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