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Today the sun came out and my better half and I immediately took advantage of this for a walk through the city. Consequently, we concentrated on the sun's rays and simply faded out the usual annoyances. With sturdy shoes and appropriate clothing you can also get through the Heilbronn pedestrian zone.

And as soon as you think you've really seen it all, you'll be surprised again. Exactly those are the beautiful sides of life. Today there was in the pedestrian zone: cat on a leash!

No, not a tiger or a lion. And — diligent local newspaper readers are about to speculate — no cheetah either. Even more spectacular: Felis catus — the common house cat!

Described more precisely, it was about 90 kilograms of man with a pound of cat and two pounds of leash.

That tops our experience in Leipzig, when we were walking with a couple of friends in the pedestrian zone there — as usual and very traditional: two men in front and two women behind — and our ladies laughingly pointed out that a pimped naked and extremely attractive young lady. Our looks back confirmed both.

And that was absolutely nothing compared to today's experience. Now someone claims again that nothing is going on in Heilbronn!


While reading other weblogs I came across a post by Valentine Trentin who is surprised that he has not received an answer to questions such as "Is the relationship between genetic preformations and the empiricism of life?"

I assume that many of our fellow citizens are constantly asking themselves these or similar questions and would also have one or the other answer ready. But we all lack the appropriate media or opportunities to do this in writing. It's a lot easier if you talk to each other at regulars' tables or other occasions; However, this is then less lasting, and many of the results achieved in this way "disappeared" again after - even the best - discussions and hardly remain in the memories of the people involved.

This is perhaps also the determining reason why mankind invented writing. Fairy tales, songs, poems or even epics are probably the only forms of transmission that can do without written documentation.

And if you would like to make your thoughts public in writing, you are now more likely to use microblog services such as: B. Twitter, back. The use of forums in which it is much easier to exchange ideas and then understand these conversations later is becoming increasingly rare; That's why I'll be closing my last forum soon.

Very rarely — although there are certainly millions of them — are weblogs where individuals or groups of people make their thoughts available to the public. Most of the time, these contributions are lost in the totality of all media contributions, with only a few interested people ultimately finding these treasures and even fewer then salvaging them.

That's how I got through to it, my older ones Thoughts on the European idea in book form to bring out, so that they are a little more accessible for the interested "posterity".

But now back to Valentine Trentin's blog post "Become more essential“ from January 30, 2022. Trentin plays wonderfully with words, images and ideas. For that reason alone, the article is worth reading. And I believe that it will motivate one or the other to look up Goethe again, or at least to see where the Tucholsky quote actually comes from.

But Trentin will probably wait in vain — just like I did with most of my posts — for someone to use the comment function to give a suitable or even elaborate answer. The weblogs are probably not the ideal medium for this; I'm very happy to be taught better.

poem of the day

DAIMON, demon
As on the day that gave you to the world
The sun stood to greet the planets,
You thrived immediately and on and on
According to the law by which you started.
That's the way you have to be, you can't escape
So said Sibyls, so prophets;
And no time and no power dismembers
Imprinted form that evolves alive.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Urworte. Orphic (October 7 and 8, 1817)

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birthdays of the day

Franklin D Roosevelt and Boris Spassky

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  • Better a quiet cat on a leash than a barker who barks at passers-by or, when he's bored, barks at himself.