Feature photo: Project design KI-Park | © MVRDV 2023


A good 50 applications for a single apartment must give everyone food for thought. For the landlord it is certainly a pleasure that so many interested parties have taken a liking to the apartment. But then there is a problem, namely at the latest when you have to realize that far more than one interested party fits the apartment quite well from the landlord's point of view.

Irrespective of this and despite the various very attractive construction projects throughout the city, one has to state that such a ratio of 50 to 1 is obviously neither good nor healthy for our city itself. And as already said and also written here, those responsible have done far too little in the last five years to achieve at least some improvement.

Therefore, in addition to the many new construction measures and a further increase in these efforts, other alternatives must also be considered. Years ago, I mentioned the Karlsruhe model, among other things, and also a less attractive alternative, namely that both the subsidized apartments that have already been let and especially those that are new to the market are checked to see whether the tenants (still) have a claim at all have on these apartments.

I understand that every city employee is happy about cheap housing, especially when they can also help their local community to get such housing, but I would like to point out that this is not the real purpose of the matter.

Housing will again be a key issue in the coming election campaign. And this time I'm not happy about being right!

AI Park

Officially announced yesterday and a big topic in the Heilbronner voice today. The design by MVRDV, an architectural office from Rotterdam, was awarded the contract for the development of the Steinäcker. Only recently could Dieter schwarz ensure that Heilbronn receives a Baden-Württemberg campus for artificial intelligence. In addition to the 50 million euros from the state, the other 50 million euros, mainly from the Dieter schwarz Foundation made the decision. And who the four shortlisted designs for the Campus Steinacker considered, knows that the 100 million euros will never be enough for this project.

And so it is to be hoped that Dieter schwarz will accompany this project, which is supposed to be completed in ten years, to its completion, because otherwise the 100 million euros in start-up financing will quickly fizzle out.

I also hope that the innovative planning will then be implemented in this way and that municipal parking garages and wine bars will not spring up there any time soon. The running track in particular made a very positive impression on me, and here too I hope that this will not be transformed into a fun zone for cyclists.

In addition, I know from the educational campus that the certificate alone is not enough. But both in the educational campus and in the AI ​​park that will then be realized, the people working there will ensure over the coming years that these quite attractive construction projects will mature into building complexes that can actually be used. And who knows, maybe in a good 50 years they will even have their own charm, and future users — for whatever — will all feel really comfortable in them.

But until then, an IPAI building in the comfort zone will start and this will soon be occupied and used. Which chat bot will then be in charge there has not yet been announced. But maybe we will also experience a surprise here and Lidl will come around the corner with its own chat bot.

Community life

When you get involved in a club, you rarely get bored. Since I'm also more involved in two clubs, I really can't complain about boredom. I've barely digested that one club weekend in Berlin and I'm already allowed to deal with the news that Herbert Burkhardt brought from his weekend active for the second club. And if we succeed in at least harmonizing all upcoming dates in the coming days, then it will certainly be very exciting weeks.

And in between all that, normal life takes place outside of clubs. The good thing about it is that most of the people I deal with are active in clubs themselves and therefore usually show understanding when there are one or two discrepancies with appointments. It is a great advantage if "club managers" meet in several clubs at the same time, because then one or the other can be settled more easily and quickly. And I would like to remind those who want to get riled up about club life that club life was trampled on in those states that we are all very little proud of today.

And even today we should be careful when municipal or state institutions in particular want to take over the original tasks of associations, because then we are already at the beginning of the disenfranchisement of us citizens, which culminates in state agencies or mass organizations taking control of us citizens take over.

In view of this actual threat, involvement in a cactus breeders' association or with philatelists has its own connotation - association work is not only civic engagement, but also a piece of freedom in our increasingly well-planned lives. And the nice thing about all clubs is that you can enjoy them as a normal active member or even as a purely passive member and, if you feel like it, you can always get a little more involved.

"The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race. We cannot quite know what will happen if a machine exceeds our own intelligence, so we can't know if we'll be infinitely helped by it, or ignored by it and sidelined, or conceivably destroyed by it."

Stephen Hawking, BBC interview (DECEMBER 2, 2014)