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Tanja Ochs gave me a little pleasure while reading the newspaper today. Yes, the Käthchen has absolutely nothing to do with our beautiful city and yes, such a figurehead is completely antiquated in the 21st century.

"It would be time to cut off old braids and let Käthchen be what it is: a literary character."

Tanja Ochs, voice of Heilbronn (January 28.1.2023, 29: XNUMX)

I like to remind you that we were very successful a few centuries ago, when we started breaking old habits and even redefining the term tradition: “Tradition is marching at the forefront of progress.” — And no, that is not a Strauss quote, but one from Scharnhorst.

Also, I would like to remind you that this has been done before topic here in the weblog. And I am still firmly convinced that if — if — you still want to have a Katie, it must be an LGBT Katie, but at least a grandma or grandpa Katie. And to anyone who now argues that these Käthchen must also be "presentable", I reply that all the Käthchen from my youth still easily outperform today's.

But let's leave this discussion alone and just follow the opinion of Tanja Ochs: cut off the pigtails!

I'll go one step further and call for the digitization of the BUGA-Karls and this with a simultaneous implementation of artificial intelligence, which, by the way, would suit the space city of Heilbronn much better and fit perfectly with the new urban highlight, namely the "Innovation Park Artificial Intelligence".

But allow me a tip here too, and this for the "traditionalists" here in the city: you can't drink IPAI, you do that with IPA beer. And patting doesn't go very well with the BUGA-Karl either.


Have other fellow citizens noticed that? the ten most important politicians in Germany, which were determined yesterday in the ZDF PolitBarometer, are only zeros?

Now that you've gotten excited about my statements here on the weblog, you could think about why that's the case at all. And no, it is not us citizens who have been held responsible for this catastrophic situation by politicians for years.

This only applies if you attribute it solely to the fact that we choose these "zeros".

Weekend Trip

The start of the weekend was very pleasing. First, in Dammgrundschule, I was able to read from a new children's book that I didn't know myself, and so I'm already excited to see how the story will continue to develop.

After a short but very productive video conference afterwards, there was homework supervision at meseno, a task that is more than urgently needed. So my appeal to the readers here will be forgiven if I point out the need for more voluntary helpers who could do a lot of good in helping with homework, among other things.

And no, you don't have to found another association or club that then takes care of volunteers, or even found a new administrative department in the town hall. It is quite sufficient if interested and committed citizens get involved in those associations and foundations that have existed for a very long time and are already doing a lot of good locally.

Video of the weekend

Jan Böhmermann – “Light on! Light on!"
  • Perhaps an exotic animal from the city's history would be more appropriate - see Béziers? BUGA lizard, rabbit meal, Neckarwels...? Where do the best associations wander to?

    • I could make friends with the catfish right away, but a lizard wouldn't be bad either. But the pink dwarf has already proven itself, and I know someone who bought it "in large" at auction. At least he would be delighted if, against all expectations, his investment turned out to be worthwhile.