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Today I was allowed to attend the award ceremony in the Great Council Hall Ring of Honor of the City of Heilbronn an Heiner Dorner attend Two good speeches and two very well performed sonatas by Georg Friedrich Händel later, there was a group photo of the free voters together with the new ring of honor bearer.

Herbert Burkhardt, Eugen Gall, Heiner Dörner, Heinrich Kümmerle and Irene Seeburger

I was very happy Helmut Himmelbach to see again — a reminder of the better times of our city. I was even happier that everyone present today was firmly convinced that there was still only one independent voters' group in Heilbronn.


The municipal council decides on the awarding of the ring of honor of the city of Heilbronn. The corresponding statute is strict: it should be awarded twice a year at most and no more than twelve living people should be bearers of the ring of honour. It was first awarded in 1959. 


The fact that the left, still completely consumed with envy of everyone who is only halfway willing and able to perform, is now calling for a rent moratorium in Heilbronn comes as no surprise. The inglorious end of socialism was probably so long ago that you can very cheaply deceive and exploit your fellow human beings again with these ideas.

The only thing that is astonishing today is that the SPD, according to the Heilbronn voice (27.07.2022: 25), is now jumping on this purely populist fuss and even submitting its “own” application, in which private landlords and housing associations are asked to increase rents in the not to increase in the next two years.

Originally, a representative of the tenants' association campaigned for this campaign, probably with all parties and voter groups. The usual suspects jumped on it immediately, although I would have liked some SPD members to have more responsibility in the matter and some decency towards their fellow citizens - I forgot that the SPD also wants to win elections, but still without any effort of their own and at a cost if possible another.

We may still remember that this is exactly the successful model of the GDR, the Soviet Union, Cuba and North Korea. The result in Heilbronn will probably be that the urban settlement will continue to happily build for the wealthier fellow citizens, maximize profits and, above all, make their supervisory boards very happy. Another result will be that the other large housing associations will follow this successful model, but politicians will vehemently and without any mercy sue the smallest landlords for a rent moratorium: Erich Honecker will definitely make the champagne corks pop in hell today!

Death in Paradise

My better half and I have been watching since 2011 this tv series, which is a co-production of the BBC and France Télévisions. In the meantime we were able to start the tenth season in the USA and since yesterday we can continue to watch it here in Germany. To the delight of both of us, there will be an eleventh and twelfth season.

Apart from the very light storytelling and the wonderful setting, I personally liked the squabbling between the English and French speaking protagonists right from the start, which reminds me a bit of my own professional life, although rarely with such a wonderful setting as that in Saint Marie could attend. Saint Marie is a fictional island and the island's capital, named Honoré, pays homage to St Honoré, a city of a Agatha Christie Novel. In fact, the series is set in Guadeloupe, a French overseas territory in the Caribbean — which certainly doesn't make it any worse.

Robert Thorogood is the creator of the series. The lead actor has changed several times, with my better half and I not agreeing on who is the best; but we agree on the worst so far.

The theme song for the series You're Wondering Now comes from Coxson Dodd and was already in 1964 by Andy & Joey recorded in Jamaica. The version of Amy Winehouse is probably better known today.

"You're wondering now, what to do
Now you know this is the end
You're wondering how, you will pay
For the way you misbehaved"

Coxson Dodd , 1st verse of You're Wondering Now
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3 thoughts on "27.7.02022"

  1. Helmut Himmelsbach: His wife wasn't necessarily the brightest candle on the cake...

    1. Interview with her on the Neckar-Express. asked if she was worried about BSE?
    Her answer: "No, we only eat veal"...

    2. Himmelsbach election campaign office in the Allee underpass near the main post office: Ms. Himmelsbach speaks to me unnecessarily and I say (more jokingly): "I can't vote for this mayor candidate, because there are rumors in Heilbronn that her husband has heterosexuals tendencies.”
    Ms. Himmelsbach: "I can assure you that's not true!"

    Beati pauperes spiritu.

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