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The blogger Chris Aldrich is currently reading or at least rummaging through the same book that I am reading right now. He has an edition from 1854, meanwhile I treated myself to a new edition from 2020.

And when he did this in one Blog Post mentioned, I could tell that we both mark a few places in the book. He seems to be particularly interested in how man-made tools recreate people when they are used. It's amazing that Chris Aldrich has also been dealing with note boxes for a long time and, unlike me, has not lost his liking for analog note boxes — he may even have developed something like a passion for collecting note storage media.

And so one could ask the question whether Zettelkasten can not even be seen as the libraries of the "little man". And so it would be worth considering whether the two could not be wonderfully combined in a digital world. I am now comfortable with such thoughts Detlef Stern on his feet who doesn't want to know anything about such connections in his own Zettelstore.

Anyway, it remains exciting how we humans sort our thoughts and maybe we are about to face a whole new revolution with the upcoming "intelligent" chat bots. Will artificial intelligence make all man-made filing systems superfluous and provide us with our very own "bot" that walks with us through our manageable lives?

I leave out the question of whether this bot, which is very individual to us, is nothing but one and the same computer program in itself. That brings me back to the two trilogies, on the one hand “The Matrix”, which was brought to life by the two Wachowskis, and on the other hand “His Dark Materials” by Philip Pullman think, each of which has its very own form of thought storage.


The digital version of the Heilbronn voice is a horror. The loading times are no longer acceptable these days, if the individual pages are still building up in their entirety. And so I'm more concerned with seeing how I can get the voice read at all than with dealing with the individual contributions.

Now I hope that this is not only the case with me and that they are already working on an improvement. Especially when the newspaper will be a little thicker, like today.


When I realized that running was an integral part of my chosen career, I was faced with the choice of finding a new job or learning to run. And just a few decades later, it was just a part of my life.

At first I ran with the Adidas running shoes I chose when I was at school, although I still have fond memories of my first Marathon Tr. And I kept my spikes, although I hardly ever ran short distances and didn't improve my 5s with it.

When the first symptoms started to appear while running, an orthopaedist, who himself enjoyed running a lot, recommended that I try changing shoes, and that's how I came across Asics.

In 2013 it was finally over with running, although I stayed true to my Ascis. Only I didn't walk over them anymore, but now walked with them until they fell off my feet.

The other day it was time again and I exchanged my pair for a new one; What made me particularly happy was that I was able to get hold of them here at a very reasonable price. And now I'm curious to see how long I'll need this time until they have to be exchanged again?

It's now 10 years since I really did any distance and I still miss running a lot! And to this day I haven't found a real replacement for running, even though I enjoyed swimming a lot for a few years — unfortunately Heilbronn is not a city where swimming is particularly good.

I had already given up cycling when I was at school and if I read relevant Heilbronn blogs or listen to those who at least occasionally cycle in Heilbronn, I will no longer try sporty cycling.

And so I will soon follow another tip from Detlef Stern and try something new for me.

"What a man thinks of himself, that it is which determines, or rather indicates his fate."

Henry David Thoreau, Walden (2020 [1854]: 5)

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