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Kaiserschmarrn Recipe

Probably because of vacations in my early youth, I developed a secret passion for Kaiserschmarrn. This dessert has become an integral part of Austrian cuisine and so there are a number of legends about its origin; but the namesake should Franz Joseph I .

To my surprise, during my professional life, I got to know one or the other military kitchen that could come up with very passable Kaiserschmarrn, but those that were served in alpine huts were still my favorites.

A few years ago, a couple of DLRG comrades discovered my secret passion and abruptly kidnapped me to the Drinkeralm, where the good soul of the house served me the best Kaiserschmarrn I had eaten until yesterday.

Until yesterday, because Barbara crowned the meal served to us, homemade roulades with bread dumplings and red cabbage, and finally a Kaiserschmarrn. And I could have bathed in this Kaiserschmarrn! Now I have my own personal favourites, almost on my own doorstep.


Sometimes you ask yourself what we can really do in the lowlands? In any case, voting or even organizing and conducting elections seems to be becoming increasingly difficult for us. This starts with the drawing up of lists and, as we recently found out, continues with false posters or unlawful calls for support. Now let's hope that at least the counting of the votes is still correct.

Although in Heilbronn - as the center of the Unterland - we are a good deal further. An honorary citizen lets people know who we citizens have to vote for and shortly thereafter most parties join together to form a single party and quickly convert the city budget more or less into an election aid.

In Weinsberg there was at least one candidate who did not put up with such behavior - even if this will certainly not have any impact on the election result.


It's done, my exam for the introduction to project management is up. Now it just has to be printed. Then it's the students' turn and they can show what they've learned from me.

Looking back on my lectures, I can draw a positive conclusion for myself. And so I'm now curious to see whether my assessment is reflected in the exam results of the students; I'll be a little smarter by the middle of next month.

In any case, it showed me once again that teaching is simply part of learning and that one cannot be had without the other.

For me, this was best demonstrated by a few old karate teachers who, at the end of a long and successful life as athletes, became students again in their own schools. Or an ancient couple of dance teachers, who at the end only hovered over the dance floor in basic steps, but every time they roused all the dancers to storms of enthusiasm.

And should a student read these lines, here is my tip for today: It is best not to see exams as an exam, but as a performance show of your own skills.

“I think that it is completely unimportant who and how one votes in the party; only one thing is extremely important, namely who and how the votes are counted.”

Joseph Stalin, quoted from Boris Bashanov (I was Stalin's secretary, 1977: 68)
  • A completely different example from the nearby district town? It is ultimately about principle and equality before the law. To hope that Justitia remains only blind and not deaf because of noisy crowds of cousins.